BCDR: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

July 2021 - Backup


With SaaS applications becoming more popular every year, backing up your company’s SaaS data is no longer optional. Is your SaaS (Software as a Service) data protected?

Make sure that your company’s sensitive SaaS data is properly backed up. You need to ensure your sensitive data along with all SaaS (Software as a Service) data is backed up.

The increased use of SaaS applications results in sensitive data being stored on the platforms. Get comprehensive backup capabilities that can meet the needs of this changing landscape.

The barrier of entry for ransomware is low and getting lower as threat actors sell kits on the Dark Web. Back up your data to stay out of trouble. Having a reliable backup can allow you to recover from a ransomware attack without having to pay the ransom.

New ways of exploiting data pop up each year. Make sure your data remains recoverable. You need a plan in place to protect your data and have a reliable way to recover data.

Ransomware is a real threat to every organization. Back up your data to ensure recoverability. In addition to backing up your data, you need to have a solution in place to help stop ransomware in its tracks.

Maintaining compliance is never easy, but the easiest first step to take is to back up your sensitive data.

There are several recorded cases of threat actors deploying ransomware and refusing to return data. Having a robust backup plan in place will help you recover faster from a ransomware attack.

One ransomware attack could cost your organization dearly. Ensure data is recoverable by investing in a backup solution. Having a robust backup plan in place will help you recover faster from a ransomware attack.

Don’t be one of the organizations that decides a data backup solution is just a ‘nice to have.’ Every business will eventually suffer an incident where a backup is the only viable recovery option. Don’t be caught without a backup solution.

Ransomware is widespread and only becoming more dangerous. Backups can help you get back up and running faster after a data-loss event.

Ransomware attacks often cause downtime. Get back to serving customers faster after a data-loss event by having a backup solution in place already.