Accessing Task Manager
  1. To open the Task Manager, right click on the task bar and select Task Manager. In Windows 11 you have to right click on the Start Button.
  2. Task Manager will then open and will show you the Processes tab.
    • If you do not see this then Task Manager may be in its minimized state and you will need to click on More details.
The Process Tab
  1. This tab is broken down into three sections:
    • Apps
    • Background processes
    • Windows processes
  2. Each app or process, if it has an arrow to it's left, will show you associated processes that are running.
  3. The processes in this tab can also be sorted by CPU, Memory, Disk, or Network usage. This can be helpful depending on what you need to find or watch.
  4. To end a process, select it and click on the End task button.
  5. You can also right click on a process to bring up an additional menu of options.
The Performance Tab
  1. This tab will show you information about the CPU, memory, disk drives, and network adapters.
  2. Each section will have a graph showing you the usage over a period of time.
  3. The CPU section will show you how much of the CPU is being used, it's speed, system up time, and other information related to the CPU.
  4. The memory section will show you how much memory is in use and how much is still available.
  5. The disk section will give you the model information, show you the read & write speed, as well as the transfer rate over time.
  6. The network section will provide information on your connection type, the adapter in use, and the send & receive rates.
The App History Tab
  1. This tab will show you information on an apps usage over approximately the last month.
  2. You can delete the usage history by clicking on the Delete usage history link. This action cannot be undone and is not recommended to clear.
The Startup Tab
  1. This tab will show you applications that run at startup, if they are enabled to do so, and the impact they have on the startup process.
  2. You can disable an application from running at startup by right clicking on it and selecting Disable.
  3. You can enable an application to run at startup by right clicking on it and selecting Enable.
The Users Tab
  1. This tab will show all users who are currently logged onto the system and their resource usage.
The Details Tab
  1. This tab will provide information on each running process.
  2. You can right click on a task to bring up a list of menu options.
The Services Tab
  1. This tab will list out all the services installed on the system with a description (if available) and show the status of the service.
  2. You can right click on a service to bring up a menu where you can start, stop, and restart a service.