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"It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people." -Steve Jobs

What We Do

We provide technical support services, WordPress services, online review and reputation management services, and a community driven knowledge base. We work with non-profits, small businesses, organizations, and individuals.


We support your business.


Supporting your needs is our number one goal. We are available to help resolve issues from computer slowness to removing viruses to updating your WordPress site. Just tell us what you need and we will be there to help.


We create websites.


We create websites that attract visitors who are seeking information about the business’ products and services. The pages are designed to cause them to linger on the site and visit other pages of interest. Our goal is to attract a visitor and then coax them to travel throughout your web site gaining an appreciation of your products and services before leaving. We want your site to leave an impression on your visitors so they will remember your business.


Gain insight on technology.


Gain access to knowledge from a pro. Our knowledge base is driven by user requests so all content is relevant. New content is always being added based on your feedback. Our knowledge base provides posts and how to guides on various technology topics.


We help our clients put their best foot forward.

Get Noticed

We give a lot of time and effort to ensure our clients get the exposure they need. Are you getting noticed?
I want to get noticed!

Summary of Services

tech support


We provide technical support for your computer systems and other IT equipment.

Websites & Web Services


We design and build sites using WordPress. We also offer supporting web services (domains, hosting, etc.)

Knowledge Base Membership


Our knowledge base provides assistance with various technical issues you may encounter.

Reputation Management


We offer a service to help you capture more reviews for your business.

RTS News

Our latest updates
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Please Note: This is only showing what settings are different, most settings are still the same.

  1. General Settings - no change
  2. Mobile Menu - only has option to enable the search box
  3. Styling: Mobile Menu - no Close Button Background or Border Color options, otherwise generally the same

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