Knowledge Base

We have built a knowledge-base platform to provide you with expert-backed IT information that is clear, current, and easy to understand so that you can maximize your technology’s capabilities. We all know that searching Google for solutions can yield complex results that do not necessarily apply to you. On our platform, you’ll receive information that is complete and relevant to you. If you cannot find the solution to your problem, we’ll be there in-person to provide you with a permanent solution.

What can it help you do?

  • Speed up your computer and network
  • Check and protect you from viruses, and teach you the best practices to keep your computer and information safe from cyber threats
  • Optimize your equipment and systems to run more efficiently
  • Make your life easier, more efficient, and become more comfortable and proficient with technology by learning new skills with our training resources
  • Troubleshoot software (Microsoft Windows) errors

ResTech clients on our full-suite or managed service will receive complimentary access to the Knowledge Base. If you are not on any of these plans, you can purchase an independent membership to the Knowledge Base or inquire about how we can help your business grow.

User requests primarily drive content in the Knowledge Base. To make a request, please use our content request form in the member portal.