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WordPress Site Development

Since over 33% of all websites now on the Internet use WordPress, this is our website creation standard. We see ongoing improvements in WordPress that will help it maintain its leadership position. Using WordPress, we:

  • Design & create websites. Working with you we will define the purpose of your site, design to accomplish that purpose and then create a site especially for your business.
  • Redesign out-of-date sites. We will take advantage of the latest WordPress technology and design techniques. Site visitors will appreciate the easy access to information that your site provides.
  • Keep your site current. We make sure that your website remains current ensuring you have the latest versions of WordPress, themes and plug-ins.

small site

Up to 10 Pages

medium site

Up to 20 Pages

large site

Over 20 Pages

included with all new sites

Structure design, page layout, page content, drag & drop web forms, training on managing content.

domain & hosting setup

Each new site includes domain and hosting setup. Sites will include production and staging environments.

Web Services

Completed WordPress websites require minimal attention; but some support is required:

  • We help you select a domain name and make it available exclusively for your use.
  • We will host your website and move it from another hosting service if necessary.
  • We strongly believe in being prepared for any outage. One of our services is to set up and monitor backups to make sure your site can recover from any outage.
  • We quickly resolve issues relating to interruption of services.


Setup or transfer of domain, set the length of registration, configure for public or private registration.


Setup or transfer of hosting services, set the length of registration, select optimal hosting plan based on needs.

wordpress maintenance

We offer monthly WordPress maintenance plans. Plans include plugin updates, theme updates, core WordPress Updates, site backups, and site malware protection.

site updates

We offer several options for keeping your site updated. Options include content updates, structure changes, addition/removal of pages, and more.

Technical Support

Businesses want to avoid technology interruptions that could make their staff unproductive and slow down their business. We support you and your technology systems by:

  • Overseeing Windows and application software upgrades
  • Implementing backup and recovery services
  • Installing virus and malware protection
  • Installing and relocating printers
  • Installing and configuring mobile devices
  • Troubleshooting network and PC problems
  • Consulting on hardware and software purchases

computer maintenance & support

Perform general maintenance and updates to your system (hardware & software). Run updates for system and software. General technical support.

virus & malware protection

We will scan for and remove any viruses or malware on your system and ensure you are protected with anti-virus and anti-malware applications.

system monitoring

We offer system monitoring service that will monitor your system. This will notify us to any potential issues so they can be addressed before they become a problem.


We offer backup plans for your computer and documents. We can provide document backup services and computer imaging services to restore your computer in the event of an emergency.

equipment purchasing

Looking to buy a new device. Not sure what to get? We can offer assistance with choosing the best option based on your needs.

mobile device support

We also offer support for mobile devices. Our support options are limited to operation & configuration of your device. We do not offer mobile device repair at this time.

Email Services

Email is the lifeblood of every organization. It must be operational. To insure your email is always available, we:

  • Provide assistance with selecting and implementing an email provider
  • Configure email to include your domain name as part of the address i.e. sjones@yourdomainname.com
  • Install email on PC’s and mobile devices

email provider

We can help with selecting an email provider based on your needs. Do you need basic email or more advanced features such as email filtering, distribution groups, and shared boxes?

service implementation

We will help you setup your new email service.  This includes the initial configuration and adding user accounts.

setup email with custom domain

Do you already own a domain? We can setup your email to use your domain name to personalize your email.

custom setup

We offer advanced email setups as well. Need to send email from one person but have a reply delivered to another? We can configure email distribution groups, shared inboxes, and custom workflow rules for email delivery. Let us know what you need.

email account setup

We can setup and configure your email account on PCs and mobile devices.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes you just have a quick question but don’t want to have to sit on the phone or wait for an email response.  Our knowledge base fills this gap by offering:

  • A self-service portal for information you need
  • Information backed by a subject matter expert
  • 24/7 access to information
  • Step-by-step detailed guides
  • Community curated content (information based on your requests)
  • Continuously updated content

All active & current ResTech clients will have access to the knowledge base.

access from anywhere

Our knowledge base is available online from anywhere and is accessible 24/7. The knowledge base has been optimized for mobile access as well.

expert information

All information in the knowledge base are from subject matter experts. Only the highest quality information is added with full details.

detailed information

All knowledge base articles are carefully crafted to be as detailed as possible with a corresponding screenshot or video with nearly every step. This detail is imported when crafting premium documents.


Our knowledge base is a community site. We encourage our members to contribute as it is our members that drive the content.

always updated

We work to keep all the information in the knowledge base updated. This effort is aided by our membership as we encourage them to comment and provide feedback on the information in the knowledge base. We monitor their feedback and make updates to ensure the information provided is what they need and ask for and it is accurate and up to date.


The entire knowledge base has been designed to be completely searchable. All articles are sorted and categorized but we wanted to ensure information can be found quickly. You can search by topic, key word, etc.

sign up for a membership:

Online Reviews & Reputation Management

Reputation management is a way for businesses, organizations, & non-profits to promote their business through more engagement with their clients and asking for more feedback.

Why do this?

  • Encourages more engagement with clients
  • Allows for more positive growith
  • Builds more trust between the business/organization and the clients
  • Makes the client feel more valued

online reviews

Engage more with clients by asking for feedback - an online review. Software platform is setup to automate the process. You will not need to continuously ask clients for feedback/reviews.


Engage more with your clients and know what they think about the business. Keep up with the opinions of your clients and know how to grow to support your clients' needs.

business growth

Grow your business by getting more reviews and feedback from your clients. Their feedback, as it is posted, will help attract other new clients.

reputation management

Our software automates the management process for the reviews and feedback. There is little overhead needed to maintain and encourage feedback. The software will keep you updated with daily and/or weekly reports.
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  3. Infinite Scroll: Error Text - Set the error text.

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Please Note: This is only showing what settings are different, most settings are still the same.

  1. General Settings - no change
  2. Mobile Menu - only has option to enable the search box
  3. Styling: Mobile Menu - no Close Button Background or Border Color options, otherwise generally the same

There are no options to configure.

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  2. Input Color – Set the input color.
  3. Input Placeholder Color – Set the input placeholder color.
  4. Input Dashed Text Color – Set the input dashed text color.
  5. Input Border Color – Set the border color of the input area.
  6. Input Border Color: Hover – Set the border hover color of the input area.
  7. Input Border Color: Focus – Set the border focus color of the input area.
  8. Close Button Color – Set the color of the close button.

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