Windows Settings Deep Dive

This video was previously unreleased and was only available with our Mastering Computer Basics book. Both are now made freely available to all. This video was made in 2018 and will still be useful for Windows 10 users. We have an updated deep dive that is included in our Windows 11 video series.

Speical Video Bundle

This video bundle was also previously unreleased and was another option available with our Mastering Computer Basics book. These videos are now available for all.

Microsoft Windows: Snapping Windows on the Desktop

Microsoft Windows: Windows 10 Start Menu

Password Management

Internet Browsing & Email Link Tips

Microsoft Windows: Network & Sharing Center

Microsoft Windows: System Restore

Microsoft Windows: Deleted Files & How to Recover Them

Microsoft Windows: Removing Old & Temp Files

Microsoft Windows: Virus & Malware Protection

How to Check Your Internet Speed