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Don’t Let Unanswered Customer Reviews Hurt Your Sales

ResTech Solutions Is Your Technology Lifesaver For Review Monitoring & More

Did you know that 95% of consumers read reviews before buying anything at all?

Even more, about 3/4 of customers use Google reviews to find businesses nearby.

If that doesn’t get your attention, it’s interesting to know you can earn twice as much revenue if your business has at least 200 reviews.

If you want to earn more money and maintain a better online reputation, you need to focus on:

⇒ Around The Clock Monitoring
⇒ Regular Reports Using Real-Time Data
⇒ Business Solutions To Request More Reviews

Business owners who neglect their reviews are leaving money on the table. Don’t make the same mistake. If you have customer reviews that are bringing your 5-star rating down, it’s time to make sure your reputation management system is working for you, not against you.

“Compassion: that’s the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps men ahead of them.”

– Dr. McCoy

Real-Time Review Monitoring Across Multiple Sites

24/7 Support Capabilities

Instant Alerts For New Reviews

Easy To Follow Instructions

Accurate Monthly Reports

Widgets & Other Tools For More 5-Star Reviews

Hear It From Our Own Customers

Glad To Offer 24/7 Reputation Management Services In Houston

With ResTech, I’m assured I’m getting the best solution at a reasonable price. Period. They take the time to understand my problem and dissect my request to be sure they solve the issue the first time. It’s easy to schedule appointments and they are very punctual. I recommend you give ResTech Solutions a try – there’s no better way to understand the difference than by experiencing it. You will probably save some money in the process, not because they are cheap, but because they are good!
Wendel Skolaski
ResTech has been a big help to our business due to their reliable communication. When we submit a support request, we get an email back with all the information and status, so we know it is being handled. ResTech shows interest in my business and solving our problems. When we call or email, ResTech is readily available to provide the support we need. They can quickly identify solutions and provide me with alternative options as well. I recommend ResTech without hesitation!
David Sawicki
When we need help, we send an email with the issue and within a matter of minutes a ticket is created, an email sent back with the ticket details, and an appointment scheduled. ResTech is better than other IT firms we have dealt with in the past due to their prompt and professional approach. If anyone is on the fence about choosing ResTech as their IT firm, they need to know working with ResTech has been the easiest and most efficient way to get our issues resolved. I would urge anyone on the fence to reach out one time and I will guarantee they will not go elsewhere.
Susan Perron

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Keep Up With ResTech

Efficiently Address Or Ask For Reviews & Watch Your Sales Soar

Your business reputation matters, and we are here to help you strategically build a 5-star standing. You deserve the tools to grow your business with the right clientele. ResTech makes that happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get 200 Reviews?

The key to reaching 200 reviews is simply asking your clients to leave reviews. It is rare to see a company get 200 reviews without actively requesting them. Our website and email signature review widgets are helpful in encouraging clients to leave reviews.

How Do I Start Getting Reviews for My New Busienss?

The process to start getting reviews is similar to the advice above about reaching 200 reviews. Our system makes it easy to actively request reviews from your clients.

Do You Have a Demo of the Platform and How It Works?

Yes, we have a demo of our Reputation Management Platform and our newer Video Marketing Platform. The Video Marketing Platform works well with our Reputation Management service as it will allow you to collect branded video testimonials.

Reputation Management Platform

Video Marketing Platform