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James Li
Financial Advisor
Business Owner
Houston, TX

Peace of Mind, Trust, Goes Above and Beyond

I work as a financial advisor in the financial services industry. Being an advisor, I need to be available to
help my clients at any time and rely on always having access to my data and computer. When I got locked out of my computer due to a conflict with my encryption software ResTech provided me with peace of mind as they were able to recover all my important data and set up an encrypted cloud backup solution to protect my data.

I completely trust ResTech when I need a job done and know they will treat the problem like their own. ResTech will go above and beyond to find to find a solution to my problem instead of telling me “it is what it is”. This quality is hard to come by.

If you are thinking about who to use for your IT needs, by the time you’ve finished “thinking about it”, ResTech probably will have already completed the job!

Bob Pohl
Partner General Manager
Furnishings Unlimited
Houston, TX

Resolves Issues, Timely Response, Delivers What is Promised

Since ResTech Solutions began managing our systems they have been able to resolve all the ongoing issues we had been dealing with through our previous IT service providers. We are confident any issue will be taken care of and know that our issues will be resolved in a timely manner. We do not have to wait days for a response or for someone to come out and will usually get a response the same day. ResTech takes care of their customers and “you get what you pay for”. ResTech delivers what they promise.

Emily Fens
Gallery Attendant
Lawndale Art Center
Houston, TX

Commitment, Quality Service, Delight

ResTech Solutions has shown commitment to our organization providing support when we need it. ResTech provides us with a high quality of service and ensures that all our technology is running and up to date. They will also provide suggestions and recommendations to improve the tech we use in the office as required. ResTech has been a delight to work with!

Sharon Barile
Operations Manager/Social Media
Dimensions in Fashion
Houston, TX

Instant Response, Seamless Process, Personalized Care

We are a women’s fashion clothing boutique in Houston. Being in the retail world with physical and online shopping options, our technology and the software programs we use to run our business must be working at all times. ResTech delivers instant support so we can keep running and taking care of our customers.

Our previous IT company took too long for them to respond after we submitted a trouble ticket. Next day support is not acceptable for us yet that was typical for them. The team at ResTech quickly responds and personalizes their interactions and support of our business’ needs. There is no learning curve as they are familiar with our technical setup – we have more time to take care of our customers instead of struggling to explain a technical issue with the IT support people. They make the whole process easy for us and we appreciate that.

There is an excellent reason that we are raving fans of ResTech – we are taken care of, period. Pick up the phone and call them to discuss your IT needs!

Elle Mobbs
RTW Specialists
Houston, TX

Professional Image, Took the Time, Understands our Needs

We needed a website that would give us a professional image and allow us to market our business and educate our clients on the services we provide. ResTech was able to create a site that gave us the image we needed and could use to market our business while educating our clients.

ResTech took the time to analyze our needs and helped us obtain the necessary tools to grow our business and they understood our needs and goals.