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A common question that always gets asked is “How do I make my internet go faster?”. Before this question can be answered there are several pieces of information we need to determine why your internet is slow and how the issue can be addressed. What you need to know: Who is your Internet Service Provider […]

This article is focused on the digital cleaning of your computer. It is still important to physically keep it cleaned as well. Keep a can of compressed air near by to keep your computer and accessories free of dust. A damp cloth can be used to wipe down the computer case as well if it […]

Imagine that you are sitting working on your computer trying to finish up that report, term paper, presentation, etc. and all of a sudden your computer grinds to a halt, it is frozen. The sad truth is I know you don’t need to imagine this at all. I have even had this issue. So why […]

I was recently asked about WordPress hosting. How does the hosting work? Why are there so many web hosts? Which host is the best one? In the simplest terms hosting is where files are stored on a server and people access the information from multiple locations.  This is the same for a WordPress site and […]

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