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Did you know that businesses with fewer than 500 employees lose an average of $2.5 million per cyberattack? For small businesses, this could be devastating. ResTech’s cybersecurity services are your first and last line of defense.

“There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it’s just a matter of finding it.”

– Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Protect Your Business With ResTech Solutions & Focus On What Matters Most

Cybersecurity Is Crucial To The Success Of Your Business

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more complex, and small businesses are cybercriminals’ #1 target. Don’t risk your business’s data and reputation to cybercriminals.
Protect your business against current and new cyber threats and prevent a loss of data, cash flow, and productivity. Run your business with confidence knowing your systems and data are always secure.

With Expert Cybersecurity, You Can Focus On Running And Growing Your Business.

How ResTech’s Cybersecurity Solutions Protect Your Business

Businesses That Rely On Technology Require Expert IT & Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Platform

Web Filtering

Security Operations Center

Zero Trust Protection

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Email Protection

Cybersecurity Platform

Protect Your Company With A Layered Security Approach

Cybersecurity Training Your employees are your business’s first line of defense. Help them protect themselves and your business with cybersecurity training.
SOP & Policies Library Implement and document your company’s policies and standard operating procedures with our library of customizable templates.
Simulated Phishing Attacks Identify who needs additional cybersecurity training and test your employees’ knowledge, identification, and response to simulated phishing attacks.
Dark Web Monitoring Know when your personal information, such as bank accounts and social security numbers, are compromised and for sale on the dark web before it’s too late.
Incident Tracking Log, classify, store, trace, and retrieve incident information on our platform quickly and easily to always have it when you need it.

Cybersecurity Training

Dark Web Monitoring

Zero Trust Protection

Block Unwanted Applications As Well As Viruses & Malware From Running On Your System

Application Control We secure the applications your business requires and use a default-deny approach to block known or unknown malware.
Restrict User Access Restrict employees from non-essential data to limit potential exposure from hackers, viruses, and malware should there be a breach.
Ringfencing Protect your most important data by defining the rulesets that govern how applications can interact with each other and what resources they can access.
Storage Control Have confidence that your endpoint is always secure and have control over what data can be accessed or copied by each user and application.

Web Filtering

Prevent The Many Evolving Cyber Threats From Reaching Your System & Disrupting Your Business Operations

Block Unwanted Web Content Increase productivity by blocking unwanted websites, like social media, on your business devices.
Block Malicious Web Content Keep your business and employees safe by blocking access to suspicious or malicious web content.
Monitor Web Usage We will monitor and report web usage across all devices so you can identify areas and opportunities to improve efficiency.
Granular Website Filtering Keep productivity high by blocking certain areas of websites while leaving the helpful areas accessible.
Productivity Tracking & Reporting We help you address inefficiencies and reward great work by monitoring which employees are focused and which are underperforming.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Have 24/7 Monitoring To Catch & Prevent Cyber Threats

Managed Security We’ll help you identify whether you need powerful, comprehensive, or lightweight cybersecurity for your business.
Pen Testing Find vulnerabilities through penetration testing to emulate what a bad actor could do if targeting your organization.
Mobile Device Protection Protect your employees and your business by safeguarding business data that may be accessible through mobile devices.
Compliance Storage Have confidence that you are compliant with your industry’s regulations with secure, long-term data storage.
Security Solutions Have confidence in your IT network with the cloud-based threat detection of Azure.

Email Protection Suite

Have Confidence In Your Email Security & Efficiency

Inbound & Outbound Filtering The ResTech Email Protection Suite includes inbound and outbound email filtering to ensure your business and personal data remains secure through transit.
Email Continuity & End-To-End Encryption Outbound emails are secure with SafeSend, your email is always available with XtraMail, and all emails are encrypted with Bracket.
Email Backup Keep your email accessible for future reference with SaaS backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. You never know when that missing email could be the solution to a business issue.
Live 24/7 Monitoring Have peace of mind with communications knowing we protect and strengthen your Microsoft 365 email accounts through monitoring and policy enforcement.
Phishing Protection & Training Phishing attacks have increased by over 600% since 2020. Keep your business and employees’ data and privacy secure with our spam and phishing protection technology.
CloudFilter™ Have total email security with CloudFilter™ enforcing email security policies and ensuring regulatory compliance across all inbound email communications.

Get The IT Protection Your Company Deserves

Assuming you’re not on a hacker’s radar is a dangerous business practice. Without proper cybersecurity solutions, your personal and professional data is at risk.

Client Testimonials

We needed a website that would give us a professional image, allow us to market our business, and educate our clients about our services. ResTech took the time to analyze and understand our needs and goals. They created a site that gave us the right image and tools necessary to grow our business successfully.
Elle Mobbs
When I work from home, I need my laptop to be functional. ResTech has given me peace of mind knowing my machine will work and is secure. ResTech has been easy to work with and they are very responsive. They don’t require long term commitments and I don’t have to wait long for a response. I’ve been very satisfied with their service and know you will be, too!
Michael Williams
ResTech provides a very prompt response to my requests for help. I can rely on ResTech to solve my IT issues because they are persistent and will work with me until any and every problem is solved. I know I can call on ResTech about any IT problem at any time – even on the weekends. I highly recommend ResTech!
Dr. Sandra Scurria

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Afford the Protection I Need on a Limited Budget?

We work with your budget and your business needs. While every business has the same basic needs, every situation is also unique. We will work with your budget the best we can to set you up with the most critical pieces needed for cybersecurity protection.

Do I Need Cybersecurity Services as a Small Business or Single-Person Business?

Small businesses are cybercriminals’ number one target. Plus, cybercriminals know that small businesses generally don’t have the resources to deploy a robust cybersecurity protection plan. Cybercriminals often go after the low-hanging fruit of easy targets and take what they can get, often hitting multiple businesses at once.