Cybersecurity Services

***NEED INTRO*** More than ever, customers are making decisions and choosing businesses that have an excellent online reputation. A company’s reviews allow us to see at a glance if the organization is trustworthy or not. A study by MOZ shows that online reviews influence 67% of consumers. Together, we will help you establish a 5-star reputation where your best reviews are at the forefront of your digital presence so that you can grow your business.

Why is cybersecurity important?

  • Threats are becoming more complex
  • Small businesses are now the #1 target of cybercriminals
  • Enables your business to protect itself against current and new threats released every day
  • Helps to prevent:
    • Loss of data/information
    • Loss of money
    • Loss of time & productivity

How ResTech Solutions helps protect your business

Zero Trust Protection

By controlling what applications can run on a system and how they can interact with other applications and services we can block nearly all unwanted applications, viruses, and malware from running on your system. When an unapproved app tried to run you will get a prompt.

From the prompt, you can request access or ignore the request.

Web Filtering

Many threats come from the web…

Secuirty Operation Center

Through our Security Operations Center (SOC) we are able to monitor your environment 24/7 for any threats.

Cyber Security Training

Dark Web Monitoring

Email Protection

Inbound Filtering

Email filtering…

Outbound Filtering

Email filtering…

Email Continuity

Email filtering…

Email Encryption

Email filtering…

Email Backup

Email filtering…


Included in your Reputation Management service:

  • Review capture page (mobile version as well)
  • Complete review instructions for all review sites
  • Negative experience capture form
  • Managed review acquisition by our team
  • Review monitoring alerts
  • Website review widget to showcase top reviews
  • Social broadcasting of 5-star reviews
  • Email signature widget
  • Access to major and industry-specific review sites

Our platform runs 24/7, 7 days a week.