Web Services

Today’s internet-savvy consumer expects any professional business to have an online presence. Your customers are using the internet to do their research before deciding as to which products and services to buy, and from whom. Therefore, a website is an excellent tool for providing useful information about your business, products, and services so that your customers can decide to buy from you. ResTech Solutions can help you build, host, maintain, and protect a professional website for your business so that the information you want to share is always there for your customers, when they need it.

Website Development

A BIA/Kelsey study shows that 97% of people research a business online, and a Stanford study shows that 75% of people judge a business’s credibility by the look of their website. A poorly designed website can be costing you a lot of money, but we are here to help you engineer a website that inspires your visitors to linger and take action, helping you convert and reach your goals.

  • Site Design
    We will work with you to define the goal and purpose of your site to create a design that will help you accomplish your goals.
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  • Site Redesign
    If your site is out of date, we will work with you to update your site using the latest technology and design techniques.
  • Building Your Site
    We will create a schedule and plan to take your site from idea to launch.
  • Site Content
    We’re here to provide guidance on the best content for your site, helping you catch your customer’s attention.
  • WordPress
    Over 33% of all websites use WordPress as their web platform. It is the industry standard for creating effective websites, and we’ll help you develop your new site using the best tool around.
  • Site Theme
    We have standardized on one WordPress theme for all projects. The selected theme is very versatile and has many options to customize the theme.
  • Site Plugins
    We use the full bundle of premium plugins from the same theme developer. We extend our license to all clients who are active with us.
  • Mobile Responsive
    We design all sites to be mobile responsive as many people access the internet from a mobile device.
  • Documentation
    We provide extensive documentation on the theme and plugins we use in our client portal. You can also see examples of the various theme options and elements available for your project at TBD.

Site Updates

Your website is your online presence, so it’s essential to keep it updated with your latest news, products, and services. We help you stay current by updating your website, or by providing you with the tools and training necessary to make changes yourself.

  • Content
    We can update content on any page as needed.
  • Functionality
    We can modify the functionality of the site to conform to any new requirements.
  • Self-Updates
    Some of our clients prefer to make simple content updates themselves. We can configure your site to allow you to make these updates while restricting access to other areas of the backend to prevent unintended actions that could break, damage, or take down the site.

Site Maintenance & Protection

We provide complete website monitoring, protection, and maintenance so that you can focus on hitting your goals and serving your people.

  • Maintenance Plans
    We offer multiple maintenance plans to meet the different needs of website owners.
  • WordPress Updates
    We check for and install any WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
  • Malware Protection
    We offer a premium malware protection service (plugin) for your WordPress site. This is backed by the plugin’s team of experts to help clean up the site if it becomes infected.
  • Site Backups
    Bundled with the malware service, we offer daily site backups for your WordPress site.
  • Up Time Monitoring
    Bundled with the malware service, we can monitor your site and get alerts when the site may be down or unreachable.

Domains & Web Hosting

We can help guide you with all your additional website needs, such as selecting and acquiring a domain to migrating and hosting your website.

  • Selecting a Domain
    We assist with acquiring a domain for your site as well as offer recommendations on a domain extension to match your branding.
  • Selecting a Web Host Provider & Plan
    We assist with selecting a web host provider that will meet the requirements of your website and offer the features you need. We will review the plan offerings to find a balance for features, resources, and services (such as backups, site protection, uptime monitoring, cPanel, etc.).
  • Web Host & Site Migration
    If you will be moving a site to a new web host we will assist with moving your site and getting it setup on the new host to ensure nothing has changed (on the front end) due to the migration.