IT Services

From ensuring that your data is secure to making sure your company has the latest technology and equipment at hand, ResTech Solutions offers a variety of solutions to meet your IT needs. We partner with you as an end-to-end IT solution, so that you can focus on running your business and serving your clients.

General Desktop Support

Your computers are essential to carrying out business operations and central to your employees’ ability to work and communicate efficiently. We will monitor, diagnose, and address computer issues to keep your systems running smoothly and optimized for performance.

The following are our general desktop support services:

  • OS Upgrades & Updates
    We can run any operating system updates that are required and any required operating system upgrades (to a new version).
  • OS Configuration
    We can configure the operating system settings on your computer to meet best practices or to meet a specific need you may have to the extent the settings allow. Some advanced configurations are possible outside of the system settings as well.
  • System Cleanup/Performance Improvements
    If your computer is running slow or has built up a lot of temporary files, we can clean up the operating system to remove the excess files and boost its performance.
  • Installing/Removing Applications
    We can install or remove any application on your computer.
  • Configure User Accounts
    We can set up and configure both local computer user accounts and domain-based user accounts.
  • Hardware Upgrades
    We can upgrade, remove, or replace hardware on your computers.
  • Peripheral Devices
    We can install peripheral devices on your computer or network such as printers, cameras, mice & keyboards (wired or wireless), scanners, etc.
  • Secure Data Wipe
    If you need to dispose of an old computer or hard drive we can securely wipe the data so it cannot be recovered.
  • Virus & Malware
    We will protect your computers from viruses, malware, and ransomware using the latest technology, and we will clean them if they’re infected.

General Network & Server Support

Servers allow people in your organization to store, retrieve, and send files and data to other computers in the network. With a proactive approach to server and network support, we ensure that your system is always running efficiently and reliably so that you never have to worry about costly losses ever again should your servers go down.

The following are some of the general network and server support services that we offer:

  • Server Setup & Upgrades
    We can help you configure a new server for your office and install the server. We can also perform any upgrades that are needed or required for your servers.
  • Network Setup & Upgrades
    We can create a network for your office or make updates to an existing network.
  • Specialist Support
    We work with a network and server specialist to provide the best possible service and support for your network and server needs.

Cyber Security

Without virus and malware protection, your business is exposed and vulnerable to cyberthreats. Our anti-virus and anti-malware services remove infected files and stop infections from occurring again, saving your business time, money, and assets.

  • Anti-Virus Software
    We offer an anti-virus solution to protect your computers and servers from viruses.
  • Anti-Malware Software
    We offer an anti-malware solution to protect your computers and servers from malware, ransomware, and exploits.
  • Updates
    Our anti-virus and anti-malware programs are kept updated along with daily definition updates.
  • Training
    We train your employees to recognize cyber threats to protect themselves and your business’s data and information.
  • Live Monitoring
    We monitor your systems in real-time and use advanced software to track and block threats before they enter your system.
  • Web Filtering
    We help you filter and block websites, links, and files to protect your data and to help your employees focus on their work.

Monitoring & Automation Service

Our innovative automized monitoring systems will detect issues and correct problems automatically, helping us be proactive in a reactive industry. Also, our monitoring systems have machine learning capabilities, allowing it to adapt and learn from previous problems and solutions across all ResTech clients, allowing your system to become stronger and smarter, and making you more efficient and secure over time.

  • Monitoring
    We can remotely monitor workstations, servers, and most network devices.
  • Automation
    The system can take action on its own to resolve many issues.
  • Notification
    The system will open a ticket for all issues and close them once resolved. For any issues it cannot resolve a notification is sent so we can address the issue and resolve it.
  • Access
    The service provides us with remote access so end users do not have to manually connect us to their system.
  • Protection
    We include our virus and malware protection with the monitoring & automation service, and both are also monitored.
  • Updates
    The system is set to automatically run pending Windows & Microsoft updates along with selected third-party updates weekly.
  • 24/7
    All systems are monitored 24/7.
  • Time Savings
    This service frees up time by handling many of the smaller issues in order to redirect available resources to work on larger issues and projects.

Email Support

Email is the primary means of communication, scheduling, and file sharing in the professional world. We can help set up an email system for your organization that meets your needs, manages your email accounts, and keeps your system backed up and secure to avoid data losses.

  • Selecting a Provider
    We will help you select an email provider that best meets your needs.
  • Service Implementation
    We will help you set up service with any email provider which includes the initial configuration and adding user accounts.
  • Setup Custom Domain
    We will set up any domain you own to use with your email service (where a custom domain is supported).
  • Setup Email Accounts
    We will set up and configure your email account on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Email Migration
    We can migrate your emails from your old service provider or account to your new email provider or account.
  • Email Backup
    We can backup your emails to provide you with more history than most email providers offer. (most common scenario would be for recovery of deleted items as most providers only have a 30-day backup history)

Backup Services

With today’s complex digital infrastructures and the risks of targeted cyber attacks, it is essential to have a backup strategy that protects and secures your data. We provide complete backup services that will get you quickly restored if something critical is deleted or your data is lost.

  • Cloud Backups
    All of our backup options are cloud based. Some options are coupled with a local backup in addition to the cloud backup.
  • File & Folder Backups
    Backs up selected folder locations, files, and file types. Backups run daily.
  • Bare Metal Backups
    Takes a full system backup monthly with daily incremental backups. The initial backup is made to a local drive and the data is then replicated to the cloud.
  • Cloud App Backups
    Backs up data from your cloud applications such as Office 365, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce, etc.
  • Disaster Recovery
    We create a strategic backup plan for your critical infrastructure and information to protect you from a disaster so that your business continues running smoothly.
  • Backup Usage
    Some backups are based on the amount of data backed up and others are based on user counts. You are only charged for what your backups use.

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, refers to the technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet in real-time. We can help you design and implement the right VoIP solution for your business.

  • Selecting a Provider
    We will help you select a VoIP provider that best meets your needs.
  • System Setup/Configuration
    We will help you set up your service and configure your phone system to route calls as required.
  • Phone Setup
    We will set up and configure your VoIP phones. This also includes desktop and mobile apps.
  • Training
    We can provide training to your staff on how to use the VoIP phone system and its features including any computer and mobile apps.

Mobile Devices

Modern businesses need modern communications solutions. From cell phones to tablets, we can help you set up and manage the mobile devices that keep your organization connected.

  • Email
    We can set up and configure your email account(s) on your mobile device.
  • Setup/Configuration
    We can help you set up and configure your mobile device to function as you’d like it to (notifications, alerts, etc.).
  • Tips/Education
    We can provide some tips, guidance, education, and training on topics related to using your mobile device.
  • Support
    The support we can provide for mobile devices is limited as many mobile devices are not capable of remote support. We do not offer mobile device repair.

Equipment Procurement

When it comes to making equipment purchases, do you find that you are not exactly sure what you need to buy for your business, what specs are best for your specific needs, and overwhelmed with the thousands of options? We can perform a needs assessment and make recommendations, procure equipment at wholesale pricing to save you money, and help you finance the purchases.

  • Recommendations
    We can perform a needs assessment to determine which of your existing equipment may need to be upgraded or replaced as well as any new equipment you may need.
  • Specifications
    Based on your needs and the recommended minimum specs for a device we can provide a list of specifications for any equipment you need.
  • Procurement
    We work with a national vendor to procure equipment. This allows us to get you better pricing on most equipment and bulk order discounts.
  • Equipment Financing
    We can help you with financing options for large equipment purchases.

Specialized Needs

We have seen and resolved many issues, but sometimes things out of the ordinary happen. We are here to be the light that provides calm, knowing that we can help you find the permanent solution.

  • Specialists
    We work directly with and partner with some specialists to bring you even more support options and more advanced support.
  • Partner Network
    For many specialized needs, we also have a network of partners we can reach out to and bring in to meet your needs or provide a direct referral to.