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Save Your Technology With ResTech: Your Small Business IT Service Solutions Provider In Houston

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees lose an average of $2.5 million per cyberattack. For smaller businesses with 10 employees or fewer, this could be catastrophic.

If you have minimal protection or are struggling with the idea of affording IT help, talk to the team at ResTech Solutions. With more than 10 years and over 100 businesses in our books, we can help you, too!

From social media management to financial businesses and more, we work with you and your budget to find an IT strategy that works for you.

Don’t wait for an online attack to happen, be proactive with IT service solutions in Houston by ResTech Solutions.

“But one man can change the present!”

– Kirk

What We Offer To Support your Small Business

General Desktop Support

ResTech keeps your systems running smoothly and optimized for performance.

Operating System Upgrades & Updates We will upgrade your operating system to the latest version and update it regularly with security patches, fixes, feature updates, and more.
Operating System Configuration We’ll configure your operating system settings to meet your needs and implement advanced settings when possible.
System Cleanup & Performance Improvements Slow computer? We will remove the temporary files slowing down your operating system to boost its performance.
Installing & Removing Applications If you need any applications removed or installed, we can handle that for you while keeping your system secure.
Configure User Accounts Take the dread out of onboarding new employees. We set up and configure local computer, domain-based, and Microsoft 365-based user accounts.
Hardware Upgrades To keep your system in tip-top shape, we can upgrade, remove, or replace your computer’s hardware.
Peripheral Devices Get the devices you need without the hassle. We will install peripheral devices such as printers, cameras, keyboards, scanners, etc.
Secure Data Wipe Safely dispose of old computers and hard drives by allowing us to securely wipe the data so that it can’t be recovered by any bad actors.
Virus & Malware We keep your system secure from viruses, malware, and ransomware. Additionally, we will monitor your system and remove any infections while addressing vulnerabilities.

Network & Server Support

We proactively approach your server and network support to ensure your system is always running efficiently and reliably. With ResTech, you never have to worry about downed servers costing your business.

Server Setup & Upgrades We install and configure new servers, and perform upgrades as needed. For smaller businesses, we recommend cloud-based solutions over in-house servers.
Network Setup & Upgrades To keep productivity high, we either create a new secure network or update an existing one.
Specialist Support Our network and server specialist provides the best possible service and support for your needs.
Migrate off of In-House Servers Keep your business safe and your data accessible by migrating to a secure cloud-based server.

Cybersecurity Protection

Protect your business from being vulnerable and exposed to cyber threats with ResTech’s anti-virus and anti-malware services.

Anti-Virus Software Our anti-virus solutions protect computers and servers from viruses.
Anti-Malware Software Our anti-malware solutions protect your computers and servers from malware, ransomware, and exploits.
Updates We regularly update your anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your programs secure.
Training Your employees are your first line of defense against cyber threats. We’ll train your employees to recognize threats to protect themselves.
Live Monitoring Real-time monitoring and advanced software allow us to track and block threats before they enter and disrupt your system.
Web Filtering We can filter and block nefarious and/or distracting websites, links, and files to protect your data and help your employees focus on their tasks.

Monitoring & Automation Services

Our innovative monitoring system detects and corrects problems. Plus, its learning capabilities adapt to new problems and solutions that strengthen your system to make it more secure and efficient. This helps us remain proactive in a reactive industry.

24/7 Monitoring Focus on running your business with confidence, knowing that we remotely monitor your workstations, servers, and most network devices 24/7.
Automation Take tasks off your plate with a system that can take action on its own to resolve many issues that may arise.
Notification The automated system will open tickets for issues and close them when resolved. If further support is needed, we are notified to address and resolve the issue.
Remote Access Our remote access service allows for seamless support and does not require end users to manually connect us to their system.
Protection Virus and malware protections are included with our monitoring and automation services, so you know they’re always monitored and your system secure.
Updates Our system is set up to automatically run pending Windows, Microsoft, and select third-party updates once a week.
Time Savings Enjoy more time to focus on running and growing your business with this service that frees up your schedule by handling many of the smaller IT issues.

Email Support Services

We support your primary source of communication, scheduling, and file sharing with an email system that meets your needs and keeps your system backed up and secure to avoid data losses.

Selecting A Provider We’ll help you select the right email provider that best meets your needs.
Service Implementation Focus on your tasks while we handle setting up service with email providers, including initial configuration and adding user accounts.
Custom Domain Setup Take your web presence to the next level with a custom domain. Where supported, we will set up your domain with your email service.
Email Accounts Setup We’ll make sure you always have access to your email by setting up and configuring your account on your computer and mobile devices.
Email Migration Switch to a new email provider without losing your older communications. We’ll migrate your emails to your new provider or account.
Email Backup Most email providers offer a 30-day backup history, but that’s not enough. We can back up your emails to provide you with the communication history you require.

Backup Services For Your Data

With today’s target cyberattacks, you must have a backup strategy to protect your data. ResTech’s backup services will quickly restore your data if you experience a breach or data loss.

Cloud Backups We only offer cloud-based backup options because it is the most secure. Some options can be coupled with an additional local backup.
File & Folder Backups Keep track of your most important data. We’ll set up a daily backup on your selected folder locations, files, and file types.
Full System Backups In addition to daily backups of selected files, we run a full system backup once a month (with incremental backups in between) to replicate in the cloud. Never lose your data again.
Cloud App Backups Cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and more require data backups to keep your data secure and accessible.
Disaster Recovery We’ll create a proactive IT recovery plan so you’ll be ready in the case of a natural disaster, theft, or other events. This can be the difference between weeks or minutes of downtime.
Backup Usage Rather than charging based on the number of user accounts, we only charge for the amount of data your backups utilize.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Service

ResTech designs and implements customized VoIP solutions for businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet in real-time.

Select A Provider We’ll help you select the right VoIP provider that will best meet your needs.
System Setup & Configuration Never miss a call again! We’ll set up your service and configure your phone system to route calls as required.
Phone Setup To keep you connected, we’ll set up and configure your VoIP phones, desktop apps, and mobile apps.
Training A new system isn’t helpful if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we provide employee training so your staff will know how to use VoIP systems, features, and the relevant apps.

Mobile Devices

ResTech sets up and manages mobile devices for modern business communication solutions. From cell phones to tablets, we keep your business connected.

Email Stay connected on the go! We can set up and configure your email account(s) on your mobile devices.
Setup & Configuration Need more or fewer notifications? We can help you set up and configure your devices to function as you prefer.
Tips & Education With new devices and features, it can be hard to keep up. We provide tips, guidance, education, and training on mobile device-related topics.
Support Many mobile devices are not capable of remote support, but we do offer the support that your mobile device allows.

Equipment Procurement

There are literally thousands of equipment options for your business. So how do you choose? ResTech’s expertise allows us to recommend the best options for your needs and budget.

Recommendations Through our needs assessment, we can determine what equipment of yours needs to be upgraded, replaced, and any new equipment you may need.
Specifications Based on the needs identified in your assessment, we’ll provide you with a list of specifications for any equipment you may need.
Procurement We can help get you the best pricing possible by passing the savings of our national vendor to our clients. Bulk order discounts also apply.
Equipment Financing Stop holding out on purchasing the large equipment you need. We can help you with financing options so you can optimize your business.

Specialized Needs & Services

When what you need doesn’t come in a mass produced box, ResTech can customize a solution to fit your needs.

Specialists We are dedicated to bringing you additional and advanced support as needed through our specialist partners.
Partner Network For specialized needs out of our scope, we can bring in or refer you to one of our many specialist partners.

Our Clients’ Experiences Speak For Themselves

ResTech Is Proud To Help Growing Businesses Achieve Their End Goals

Being a financial advisor, I need to be available to help my clients at any time and rely on always having access to my data and computer. When I got locked out of my computer due to a conflict with my encryption software, ResTech provided me with peace of mind as they were able to recover all my important data and set up an encrypted cloud backup solution to protect my data. I trust ResTech when I need a job done and know they will treat the problem like their own. ResTech goes above and beyond to find solutions instead of telling me “it is what it is”. This quality is hard to come by.
James Li
Since ResTech Solutions began managing our systems they have been able to resolve all the ongoing issues we had been dealing with through our previous IT service providers. We are confident any issue will be taken care of and know that our issues will be resolved in a timely manner. We do not have to wait days for a response or for someone to come out and will usually get a response the same day. ResTech takes care of their customers and “you get what you pay for”. ResTech delivers what they promise.
Bob Pohl
Being in the retail world with physical and online shopping options, the technology we use to run our business must be working at all times. ResTech delivers instant support so we can keep running and taking care of our customers. ResTech quickly responds and personalizes their interactions and support to our business needs. They make the whole process easy for us and we appreciate that. There is an excellent reason that we are raving fans of ResTech – we are taken care of, period. Pick up the phone and call them to discuss your IT needs!
Sharon Barile

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Considered an IT System?

An IT system isn’t defined by multiple computers, servers, and other devices. In fact, even if you have one single laptop to do all your business, that is considered a system.

Do I Need IT Serivces if I Run My Business off One Computer?

Yes, the fact is – all IT equipment and services will eventually have an issue at some point. To keep your business running, it is important to get ahead and stay ahead of any potential issues or problems. This is why we recommend businesses of all sizes have an IT service provider on hand to manage their IT systems.