Our Team

David - March 2024 Headshot

David Levine

Founder & CEO

Hey, I am David, founder of ResTech Solutions.

I launched ResTech in 2011 to help people and small businesses with their technology needs. Many of our business functions today rely on technology because technology, when it works, can make our life simpler and our company more efficient. That’s why it has become a competitive advantage for many companies around the world.

Now, having an in-house IT department to ensure that your tech is always working is very expensive, and that is where I wanted ResTech to come in. I wanted to provide those advantages and capabilities that large corporations have to you and your small business at an affordable price point so that you, too, can run more efficiently and have a competitive advantage in your market place.

Although my work revolves around technology, I prefer to work with people. That’s why I create tech solutions that create a more simple human experience so that people can do what they do better. When technology works, we can all thrive, drive progress, and place our faith in the people that we interact with every day.

I look forward to working with you and growing together.



Jane Moughon

Business Advisor

Jane Moughon is a Certified Coach and Business Advisor with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in corporate and small businesses in accounting and has been an entrepreneur several times. With a degree in accounting and a master’s in human resources, Jane has also been a professional recruiter. She taught job search for over 10 years to adults and taught career readiness to teens in the Juvenile Justice System.

Jane is also the author of “35 Silent Business Killers”.