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“I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.”

– Surak

Technology Service Providers Take The IT Guess Work Off Your To-Do List

Your business needs and deserves a dedicated IT expert. But that doesn’t mean you need to budget for a new employee. Instead, you can have all the same benefits and more by outsourcing your IT needs to the experts who provide around the clock support.

We Take A Detailed Approach To Cover All Your Frontiers.

What It’s Like To Work With Us

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

ResTech has a wide range of knowledge, is willing and able to roll up their sleeves to assist with managing our IT environment, and has provided us with better communication than all other firms we’ve worked with. They offer clear and concise explanations, recommendations, and really understand our business. This is what sets ResTech apart from all other firms.
Eric Spillane
ResTech has shown commitment to our organization by providing support when we need it. They provide a high quality of service that ensures our technology is always running and up to date. ResTech also provides recommendations to improve the required tech we use in the office. Overall they have been a delight to work with!
Emily Fens
When I work from home, I need to know my laptop will be functional. ResTech has given me peace of mind knowing my machine will work and is secure. ResTech has been easy to work with and they are very responsive. They don’t require long term commitments and I don’t have to wait long for a response. I’ve been very satisfied with their service and know you will be, too!
Michael Williams

The Last & Best IT Support Partner Your Business Will Ever Need To Live Long & Prosper

Why You Need To Invest In An IT Service Provider

IT service providers offer more support than an in-office IT employee. After all, everyone deserves time off and calls in sick at some point. With ResTech, you can always count on having access to a team of IT experts, day or night. This helps small business owners work their preferred hours and keep operating costs low without sacrificing quality.

What Your IT Service Provider Needs To Cover

ResTech is the IT partner you need when you need it. With ResTech’s service and support, you can have confidence in your equipment, server monitoring, patch management, computer repair, cloud services, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, business continuity, and other strategic needs. ResTech is the last and best IT support partner you will ever need.

Secure Your Business

Whether your business relies on technology or has intricate IT processes, ResTech keeps our clients’ businesses secure. Through web and server monitoring, cybersecurity training, and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, you can rest easy knowing your business is always protected.

Meet All Compliance Standards & Best Practices

ResTech stands out among the competition because we take the time to understand our clients’ business needs. From there, we ensure all compliance standards and regulations are always being met. Moreover, we recommend best practices to help you implement standard operating procedures to keep your business running strong and always in compliance.

Recovery Solutions

Houston business owners are no strangers to hurricanes. But the threat of fires, hackers, and burglary also exists. We take the time to make sure our clients’ data is always backed up and secure. If your devices are damaged or stolen, you can simply log in through another device and continue working without skipping a beat.

Choosing The Right IT Service Provider

You need an IT service provider that will take the time to understand you, your business, and your needs. Unlike other IT firms, our clients enjoy interacting with us and look forward to quick responses and sustainable solutions they can count on. ResTech is in the business of keeping your business running strong. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

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