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You are safe – but you could have been hacked by clicking on the link.

  • With the holiday shopping season so early this year, cybercriminals are busier than ever!
  • There’s been a nearly 90% increase in online scams since 2015 and with the constantly evolving nature of online threats – it’s critical that consumers know how to protect themselves.
  • The small businesses we all want to support are particularly vulnerable, often lacking the cybersecurity systems and employee training that shields them from cybercriminals. In fact, small businesses are three times more likely to be targeted by hackers than big companies.
  • Are consumers shopping safely online this holiday season? Are Houston’s small businesses protected?

David Levine, founder and CEO of ResTech Solutions, a technology service provider in Houston, TX, is an expert on technology service solutions for small businesses and individuals. As this holiday season’s online shopping frenzy gets underway, he’s sharing his five top tips that you and your business can use to stay safe, so you can focus on friends, family, and fun:

I’d love to connect you with David so he can speak to the importance of:

  • Robust security protections to keep your identity safe: what you can do at work and at home to keep systems updated and cybersecurity protections in place
  • Signs it’s a scam: how to spot signs that an email, attachment, link, or website is suspicious
  • Secure payments: why using your credit card, rather than a third-party app, offers the most protection
  • Password protection: how to create strong passwords and keep them protected
  • Social media scams: common sense ways to avoid new threats

Please reply to the pitch email and I’ll be happy to set you up with David.

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