Master Networks Social Media Engagement


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  1. You don't have to do anything special. You can use an existing post, you are not required to create a post just for our social media engagement process.
  2. Your post does not have to be business-related.
  3. You can promote events as long as you are not selling at the event.
    1. The event should be a value add event
    2. You can promote events where your call to action is to schedule a call with you
  4. Topics not allowed in this forum:
    1. Politics
    2. Religion
    3. Sex
    4. Major League or College Sports
    5. General negativity, hate topics, current trending topics that are polarizing
  5. Generally, when you share links to your posts you are expected to like, comment, and/or share on other members' posts. This will help to expand the reach of each post.
    1. Comments should be 6 words or more, thoughtful, and relate to the post
    2. You can copy and paste keywords from the post
  6. Your posts/profiles have to be public for this to work.
  7. When the master list is shared please make your best efforts to take action within the hour (or two).
  8. If you did not share links but would still like to like, comment, and/or share other members' posts you are welcome to do so.
  9. A master list will be out after the submission deadline.
  10. If you would like to be added to the participation list please reach out to David Levine or A.C. Williams.

Why do people share in the first place?

There is ONE fundamental truth about EVERY piece of content that is shared on ANY social media platform. This truth is held constant regardless of what the content is, where it is shared, and/or who is the audience it is shared with.

You want your content to be NOTICED and SHARED!

Why a Social Media Engagement Party?

This is an opportunity for you to:

  • Skyrocket the visibility of your content!
  • Supercharge the engagement of your content!
  • Open up the Algorithmic Floodgates!
  • Summarize your post at the beginning or end
  • Be the first to react and comment on other posts within the first 2 hours
  • Use hashtags and emojis
  • Use graphics and video
  • Posts must be public (check your account settings before sharing)

Why is it so Important?

  • Attracts a wider audience
  • Ability to create relevant graphics
  • Creates a foundation for Professional and Personal Branding
  • Attracts engagement with video

We would like to acknowledge Joseph Soricelli out of the New York/Connecticut region for originally starting the Social Media Engagement Party.

How to Share Your Posts

When sharing your posts you will need to get the direct link for the post. If you are unsure how to get the direct link click on the corresponding logo below for some instructions.

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