Online Shopping Risks

November 2023 - Bonus

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Unbelievable discounts can be tempting, which is why scammers leverage them to lure shoppers. Before hitting the buy button, double-check prices on trusted sites to make sure it isn’t too good to be true.

Contact us for more tips and tricks about online shopping. Always trust your instincts and remember — if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Legitimate online stores tend to invest in professional web design while fraudulent sites often have misspellings or a poor appearance.

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Trustworthy shopping starts with trustworthy information. Credible retailers always provide complete contact info. If you ever feel unsure, look for a physical address, phone number, and customer service details. Be aware of sites that hide these or offer unconventional contact methods.

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Keep your surf safe and smooth.

Ensure your online shopping trip is secure by checking for https:// in the website URL or spotting the padlock in the website’s address bar. Steer clear of sites missing these security features and ride the waves of the internet with peace of mind.

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Let’s talk scams and trusting your instincts. If an offer ever feels too good to be true, trust your gut.

Research the website and read reviews to ensure it is a legitimate site. If in doubt, walk away. Chances are it isn’t worth the risk.

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