Password Do's & Don'ts

May 2023 - Bonus

Password Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to creating passwords, most users revert to what’s easiest rather than what’s the most secure. You need to understand the potential consequences of poor password hygiene and learn best practices that will boost your password security.

Value Proposition: How do your passwords stack up? Risky password behaviors put you in danger of identity theft, account takeovers, data breaches, and other threats. Protect your data, devices, and accounts by creating safer, more secure passwords.


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We’ve been taught to reduce, reuse and recycle. When it comes to protecting the environment and protecting your organization, this saying has two very separate meanings. While recycling trash is great for the environment, recycling passwords is bad for your business.

Take some time today to keep your devices secure by ensuring you aren’t reusing passwords across multiple accounts.

Cracking your password shouldn’t be as easy as 123. “1234” is one of the most commonly used groups of numbers and will likely be a hacker’s first guess. Make sure you are always using strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts.

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Spread the love, not the credentials to your accounts. No matter how harmless you think password sharing may be, you are opening the door to a chain of unauthorized access. Keep your private information private.

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The days of keeping track of passwords on a sticky note stuck to your computer monitor are long gone. In this day and age, writing out your passwords is an unsafe practice. This is your sign to consider using a password manager to generate and store credentials on your behalf.

Do you have questions on how a password manager can benefit your business? We are here to answer anything on your mind.

Do you ever wonder how your password knowledge stacks up? Knowing how to create secure passwords is a crucial skill to have in this digital age to maintain the security of your accounts.

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