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Defense in Depth (DiD) – Strengthen Your Security Posture with the 7-Layer Cake of Cybersecurity

As threat actors and their toolsets grow more sophisticated, organizations need more layers of defense. What’s more, those solutions need to tightly snap together to form a unified front against threats. Discover the 7-layer cake of security that can help your organization strengthen its security posture and avoid costly downtime.



Like noise cancelling headphones, firewalls filter out unnecessary noise and block unauthorized access to your data. With various levels of protection, they make it easy to choose the level that’s right for your unique business needs.

Contact us to determine the best firewall solution for your business.

Let an Intrusion Prevention and Detection System be your bodyguard. Not only does it scan the network to see if anything is out of place, but it stops threatening activity in its tracks by notifying stakeholders and blocking any attacks before they happen.

Let us help you identify threats and keep intruders out.

Stay one step ahead with Endpoint Detection and Response. EDR solutions constantly monitor your endpoints to maximize your level of protection.

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Segmentation reduces risks. We can help you divide your network into smaller, more manageable segments to make it easier to secure, manage and troubleshoot. Contact us to get started.

Some people need permission, not unlimited access. Assigning access levels is a best practice for keeping your business-sensitive data and assets safe.

Contact us to learn best practices for assigning access levels.

Sharing passwords across multiple accounts or with others puts you at risk. With password management tools, it’s now easier than ever to keep your passwords safe.

We can help you find out which tools are best for safeguarding your business.

Making sure your devices and software are up to date is crucial in keeping your business protected. Patch updates are an important part of ensuring your company data is secure from vulnerabilities that may be targeted by malware.

To minimize risk, contact us to learn how patching can keep you protected.

By having several layers of defense for your business, you can have your cake and eat it too. Each level of protection keeps your data secure and backed up to minimize downtime.

We can help you identify which levels are right for you. Contact us to get started.

Multiple layers of defense keep you from getting burned. Ensure your business stays protected by implementing several levels of security.

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Sports teams have multiple plays and positions – your company should too. Defense in Depth (DiD) implements layered defense techniques to protect your systems and data. If one defense fails, there is always another there to block an attack.

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It takes time to peel back layers. Make it harder for threats to invade your business by enforcing layer after layer of protection.

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Cybersecurity threats can threaten to put your business out in the cold. Multiple layers of protection minimize risks.

We can help you layer up your security. Contact us to find out how.