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July 2022 - REFRESH

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Value Proposition: Offering remote or hybrid working options to employees can go a long way in nurturing long-term loyalty and satisfaction. However, this working style can introduce additional risks that you’ll want to get ahead of with technology designed to support remote and hybrid workers.

Learn more about protecting your business and empowering remote workers with technology.



If your company supports remote or hybrid work, you should review your remote working practices to prioritize security. You may have gotten this far without any cyber incidents, but a single slip can cause a catastrophe.

Build a robust remote work policy to ensure efficiency and security.

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Is your business transitioning to a long-term or more permanent remote working environment?

It’s critical to have secure and compliant systems and infrastructure built to protect and effectively manage your business information and application assets.

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You need a VPN configured for remote employees to securely access your systems and information. Make sure that your remote workers are following best practices and aren’t introducing security risks to your network and applications.

Partner with us to set up the VPN and make the transition seamless.

When it comes to protecting your business, do you have strict policies and tools that allow you to control and manage who is accessing your systems and private/sensitive data?

We can help you identify and avoid the common mistakes or threats that could result in a security or data loss incident.

Work with us to develop the necessary processes and technologies to protect your company’s data.

Is your business making plans for expanding its remote workforce options going forward? If so, it’s important to review and audit all operational tools, systems, and procedures to ensure that all security and compliance requirements are accounted for and maintained at every level for every user.

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Cybercriminals have become increasingly skilled at duping employees. Don’t let your workforce fall prey to hackers’ tactics. Educate and train your workforce on how they can help prevent cyberattacks.

Make sure your employees get the training they need. Let’s chat about it!

Concerned about your work-from-home transition? You’re not alone. Businesses of all sizes and industries have expressed concerns about decentralized work environments and remote users hurting their security posture.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean that your organization becomes more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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Are you keeping track of all the devices remote workers use to access your network? With the right security protocols in place, remote work can be a great option for many companies. Take the survey below and contact us if you have questions about improving your company’s cybersecurity posture.

If you don’t change default login passwords, it’s extremely easy for a malicious hacker – or even just a nosey neighbor – to gain access to your network, devices, and files or data that are connected to that network.

Change the administrator password on your router, ideally after installing it, to strengthen the security of your Wi-Fi network.

Are your remote employees using wireless network best practices to protect your company’s data? If not, contact us today.