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June 2022

Cryptojacking: A Threat Borne of Digitization

The internet is a useful tool. It connects people all around the world and lets you find information with the click of a button. It’s convenient, fast, and available – no wonder its influence grows every year as experts invent new games, tools, and security measures to make daily life simpler.

Threat Detection is Getting Faster; Is Yours Up to Speed?

It’s no great secret that cybercriminals are becoming more savvy when it comes to stealing information and tricking their targets into handing over private information or credentials.

3 Ways to Tell If a Website is Secure

These days, it can seem as though the Internet has a scam or trap around every other corner. Whether you’re browsing the web in your free time or scouring it for work, many times you’ll be clicking on new (and therefore unfamiliar) websites when going about your day.

Honesty Is the Best Policy…Even When You’re Being Hacked

When a data breach goes public, especially if the affected company kept it a secret from the people who use their services, the resulting outcry can have a negative impact on the victim’s reputation.

Single Sign-On: More Secure Than It Sounds

With so much advanced cybercriminal technology and the ever-expanding Dark Web, more and more businesses and professionals are turning their focus toward greater online security. These changes are happening all over the world.

5 Tips to Save Time Online

There are so many keyboard shortcuts and creative modifications that make using your personal computer more convenient. Some are well-known, like COPY + PASTE. Others are less common but just as useful when it comes to performing repetitive tasks.

Select Business & Tech Articles

June 2022

What is Web3?

Thomas Stackpole, Harvard Business Review

Web3 promises to transform the online experience and is being publicized as rewiring how the web works. This blockchain-based web, which includes cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralized finance and more, changes how information is stored, shared, and owned. Learn more about the risks and benefits of this new online space.

Working Remote? These Are the Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

Bryan Lovgren, Entrepreneur

With so many businesses allowing employees to work remotely, it’s more important now than ever to remember some basic do’s and don’ts when appearing on a video conference call. Review these things to remember when participating in a video call.

Your iPhone is Vulnerable to a Malware Attack Even When It’s Off

Dan Goodin, Wired

Did you know when you turn off an iPhone, it doesn’t fully power down? Chips inside the device continue to run in a low power mode that makes it possible to locate. See what researchers have discovered about this always-on mechanism and how it relates to malware.

3 Strategies to Improve Your Time Management as a Remote Leader

Rhett Power, Forbes

Virtual leadership can be demanding and changes your team dynamics. You have to put in the effort to connect with colleagues while getting your work done as well. Discover 3 strategies to help manage your time that merge more seamlessly with your virtual working arrangement.

And…Virtual Tour Picks from our Staff

360 Views on the Fly

AI creates a realistic 360 degree view of your surroundings using only a few photos.

Digitize Yourself

AI can now create a model of yourself including movement, all delivered as a 3D simulation.

Google DeepMind AI

Where AI is going and what Google is releasing to the public leveraging their DeepMind AI.

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