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May 2022

World's Biggest Darknet Marketplace Shuts Down

Hydra Market, one of the biggest hubs on the Dark Web for illicit activity, was recently dismantled by US and German investigators that worked together to bring down what used to be the world’s biggest dark cyber-marketplace.

Banks, Get Ready for New Cybersecurity Regulations

Now, banks are set to experience the next mass cybersecurity reform. This coming spring, American banking institutions will have to meet new standards of transparency and response when it comes to cyber threats.

Clickjacking: What Is It and How Can It Affect Your Business?

Security awareness training has become more important than ever as many people started working from home and cybercriminals honed their craft.

Is Your Security Awareness Training Up to Snuff?

Cybersecurity threats can take many forms and target any individual within an organization. Although high-level security access would be ideal for the hacker, it’s effective to crack the passcodes for more accessible employees…

Which Web Browser Works Best?

Everyone has their preference when it comes to web browsers. Safari comes with the iPhone and Google products start you with Chrome; many people choose to stick with whatever pre-existed on their device when they got it.

How Much Does Your Smart Phone Know?

The Internet of Things, colloquially known as the IoT, refers to handheld devices like phones and tablets that you use to get online whenever you’re away from your computer. Even television comes as a Smart TV now; IoT is everywhere.

Select Business & Tech Articles

May 2022

Remember the ‘Headphone Rule’. As Employees Return to the Office, Distractions Abound

Melissa Angell, Inc.

Working in an office again may be somewhat of a culture shock for workers. Although socialization is a good thing, it can also be a bit off-putting for those who are out of practice. Read more about reminding employees of in-office etiquette as they return to work.

Are You a Rational or Emotional Communicator? Find Out Why It Matters

Jason Hennessey, Entrepreneur

We tend to engage in one of two ways: rationally or emotionally.   But the exceptional communicator recognizes the role that both logic and emotion play in conversations.   Learn how to find the balance between the two – and help your staff do the same.

When Botnets Attack

Chuck Brooks, Forbes

Cybersecurity attacks and data breaches from botnets can come in various forms with devastating consequences.  While botnet cyber-attacks are not new, they are now being carried out by state-sponsored intelligence actors and by organized criminal hacking groups. Learn more about what a botnet is and how the attacks are being orchestrated.

Critical Thinking is About Asking Better Questions

John Coleman, Harvard Business Review

Are you trying to solve a difficult problem at work? Critical thinking will be core to your success along with the ability to formulate deep, different, and effective questions.  Discover some tips on how to do critical thinking and find out how it will help you solve problems in new and exciting ways.

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Robots that walk on two legs, climb stairs, carry and stack objects, and operate anywhere.

Inside Amazon

What’s it like to work with actual robots at an Amazon fulfillment center?

Can I have Fries with that?

Staff shortages and impacted operating hours caused Jack in the Box to seek a tech answer.

ResTech provided me with peace of mind as they were able to recover all my important data and set up an encrypted cloud backup solution to protect my data.
James Li
Houston, TX

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