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In 2023 we partnerted with Galactic Advisors. Galactic Advisors is a third-party cybersecurity firm that partners with IT providers such as ResTech Solutions and focuses on security from third-party assessments to compliance. As part of this partnership, Galactic Advisors regularly audits our internal systems. In early April 2024 we completed the first stage of our security journey and acheived Trust Level 1.

You can learn more about our Trust Level 1 certification and see our last audit date here.

Tech Humor

Don’t let your tech erode your trust…

Cybersecuirty news

April 2024

Is Your Digital Wallet Protected?

As with any technology, digital wallets come with as many cutting-edge security capabilities as they do risks and pitfalls. Let’s shed some light on the evolving landscape of financial technology.

Why Are Supply Chain Attacks Targeting Critical Infrastructure?

When critical infrastructure is compromised, it erodes public trust in these systems and the organizations responsible for their security. To protect your PII from supply chain cyberattacks, it’s up to YOU to take proactive measures!

EU Launches Investigation Into TikTok Over Child Protection and Privacy Concerns

The European Union is investigating TikTok over concerns about child protection and data privacy practices.

AI Got Your Tongue?

Voice cloning is absolutely real…and uses artificial intelligence to recreate a target’s voice. You may think you’re talking to your boss or even your best friend, but it could really be a bunch of special software deepfaking their vocal likeness.

Is Your Digital Life Encrypted?

What is encryption? How often do you encounter it? Does it really make you safe?

Find out the answers to all of it this and more, inside.

Is TikTok Really Getting Banned in the U.S.?

Is TikTok really getting banned? Here’s everything you need to know!

Select Business & Tech Articles

April 2024

Why Browser Security Matters More Than You Think 

Uzair Amir, Hackread

In our increasingly connected society, where the internet plays a central role in our daily lives, grasping the significance of browser security is vital. Yet, browsers also represent vulnerable gateways for cyber threats. Explore the crucial significance of browser security and uncover essential strategies to bolster your online defense.

The Need to Hear and be Heard

Bruce Czerwinski, Security Today

Sometimes audio and communications solutions are not included in a security system or solution. Integrating video, access control, and audio provides tangible insights into risks and potential physical threats that a silent security setup cannot offer. Discover why it’s a significant oversight to neglect audio components in your system in 2024.

Your Brain on Zoom Calls

Roger Dooley, Neuromarketing

As Zoom calls and virtual meetings increasingly shape our professional lives, Yale researchers conducted an experiment to contrast brain engagement levels between face-to-face and virtual interactions. Learn more about their findings revealing how our brains exhibit lower levels of engagement in virtual interactions.

Essential Cybersecurity Awareness Training Tips to Stay Ahead of Threats

Alicia Hope, CPO Magazine

Cybersecurity awareness training is not optional; it’s a necessity. It isn’t a one-off endeavor but a continual journey of education, adaptation, and vigilance. Keep abreast, stay protected, and play your part in fostering a safer digital landscape. Learn more about implementing 10 essential tips to enhance your security posture.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

Robot Companionship

How an AI-powered robot provides companionship to lonely seniors.

Marketing & AI

Generative AI is poised to transform how marketers can boost productivity.

AI and Medicine

Microsoft’s VP of research and innovation discuss AI and medicine.

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