Benefits of Regular Backup Testing

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Benefits of Regular Backup Testing

Understand the benefits of regular backup testing. Many businesses assume that if they’ve purchased a backup solution, it’ll work as intended when it’s needed. We will help you understand that if your backup solution isn’t tested at regular intervals, you can’t be certain that it’ll work properly when an incident does eventually occur.

Value Proposition: You may have purchased a backup solution for your business that you’ll rely upon to quickly return operations back to normal in the event of a data-loss incident. However, if you’re not testing it regularly to ensure it functions as desired, you may find out your solution has failed you at the worst possible time. Discover the benefits of regular backup testing so you can know, not just hope, that it’ll work when you need it.



Testing is crucial to identify and resolve any problems or challenges with your backup strategies, but regular testing of the recovery process will also help you fulfill your compliance obligations and documentation.

Have a testing plan in place to make sure your data is recoverable and enjoy your peace of mind.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is a key metric in disaster recovery planning that helps you determine how quickly you need to recover and restore your data, infrastructure, and operations following a disaster or major downtime scenario to maintain business continuity.

To find out what your RTO is, contact us today.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is the maximum amount of data loss your business can withstand without causing irreparable damage.

Let’s determine how often you need to back up your data to minimize losses.

Backup testing is critical to ensure the recoverability of your business data and information assets. The worst time to find out something is not as it should be is in the middle of a data loss incident.

Contact us today to discover what the right testing schedule should be for your backup and disaster recovery process.

While the cloud is an essential piece of any data recovery strategy, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Without the right plan and expertise in place, you may find that a sizable portion of your investment is being wasted, especially in cases where visibility and governance aren’t prioritized and centralized.

Discover how to get the best ROI on cloud solutions for your data recovery needs.

Mobile devices and the data they hold can pose a big risk for your business. Make sure that the data and information on any laptops or other mobile devices used by your traveling or remote workers are properly backed up and encrypted for security.

Reach out today to discover how you can protect and recover your data in the event of a cyber incident.

Testing your backup solution is as important as having regular fire drills. You wouldn’t wait for an actual fire to figure out if it works.

Discover the benefits of regular backup testing so you can be ready if you ever need it.

You rest easy knowing that your data backup will be there when you need it, but have you ever tested it to make sure? Don’t just assume it will work when the time comes. Know for sure by testing your backup solution regularly.

You always want to test your new boots before a long hike. You’ll even try the cake before the wedding. You should test your backup solution before the day you need it, too.

In the midst of a data loss event, the last thing you want to discover is that your backup failed, too. Regular backup testing ensures that your backed up data is there when you need it most. Contact us today to get started.

The clock is ticking when you’re experiencing downtime from data loss. Don’t give your customers a reason not to trust you. Ensure your backups are easily retrievable with regular backup testing. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started today.

When it comes to the security of your data, don’t rely on blind faith. Test the success of your backups regularly to ensure the only surprises in your future are sweet treats. Contact us to find out how we can help.