Insider Threats (Backups)

October 2022 - Refresh

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Value Proposition: Your valuable data can be lost in a variety of ways. Accidental deletion, natural disasters, and cyberattacks are just a few of many. Since data backup can render ransomware useless, it can become a target of attacks as well. Don’t assume you can recover lost data in the event of an incident. Learn how we can help you be certain that your business is prepared to recover quickly from any data-loss threat, regardless of the source.



Data loss can occur simply by accident. Protect your business with a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan. Reach out today to get started.

You have a plan to deal with a flat tire and you should also have a plan to deal with a data loss incident. Contact us to learn how you can start backing up your data today.

Have you accidentally deleted a file? One minute it’s there, then the next minute– POOF! All your hard work is gone. When it comes to your business-critical data, the lost time can be frustrating, but the loss of an essential asset could be devastating to your success and profits. Contact us to see how you can make critical data recoverable.

Cloud services are a staple of any business, but they also come with security concerns. Mistakes are an inevitable occurrence, even by the most experienced professionals. Let’s make a plan to back up your essential data and protect it from mistakes.

Many businesses have uncovered attempts to steal protected data by employees leaving the company. Protected data is the lifeblood of an organization¬¬¬. You can keep an eye out for unusual behavior, but you should also have reliable backups in place – just in case. Contact us to learn more.

Cloud security is an essential part of most businesses, but it’s never really bulletproof. Whether an employee makes a mistake or a cybercriminal preys upon a security gap, ensure your business data is easily recoverable in case you experience a data loss incident. Contact us today to learn how a backup solution can help.

Insider threats range from an honest mistake by an employee, to a frustrated ex-worker storming off with a flash drive. It is vital to have an insider threat strategy for all potential circumstances. Let’s make a plan to protect your valuable data. Call us today at 713-936-6855 for a no-obligation consultation.

User credentials are digital keys to your business. Breaches often result from stolen credentials, leaving your data vulnerable to being deleted or held hostage. Make sure you have a comprehensive data backup plan so you can quickly recover from a data loss event.

Quite often your employees need to restore a lost file or revert back to a previous version. Mistakes happen and systems and hardware can glitch at any time. Backing up your data prevents wasted time and mental frustration by making data recoverable.

Downtime due to system failures or lost data can carry significant costs to your operations. The longer it takes for your business to recover lost or stolen data, the greater the financial hit. Save yourself a lot of money and heartache. Get a backup and disaster recovery solution for your business today.

Just as your office equipment is susceptible to natural disasters, so too is your data if you don’t have an effective backup plan in place. Contact us to help you put one together today.

Hardware and software failure, glitches and human error are common causes of data loss. Proactive prevention is the best policy. Let’s prepare a thorough plan to restore your data for when it’s accidentally lost.