Insider Threats

February 2021 - Backup

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The threat of insider risks is far from going away – in fact, it is predicted to increase. Can your business weather through lost data? If not, it may be time to ask, is the threat coming from inside the house?

Everyone remembers fire drills in school; It’s important to keep safe the things you hold most valuable, and in the case of your business – your uptime is valuable.  Emergency plans have always been a part of our life, so why wouldn’t you have a Business Continuity Plan?

Have you accidentally deleted a file? One minute it’s there, then the next minute– POOF! All your hard work is gone. It could have been a brief, a critical performance or metric report document, or any type of information that is priceless or irreplaceable.  When it comes to your business-critical data, the lost time can be frustrating, but the loss of an essential asset could be devastating to your success and profits.

Cloud services are an incredible asset to any business. This ability to share and store files in an accessible and efficient way speeds up workflows, but also comes with security concerns. Mistakes are an inevitable occurrence, even from the most experienced professionals. The potential security risks of configuration errors are growing so having both regular audit processes and contingency plans are vital.

Almost 3 out of 4 businesses have uncovered attempts to steal protected IP by employees leaving the company. That is a staggering number and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Protected IP is the lifeblood of an organization­­­ – so make sure to secure your data today!

Cloud security is an essential part of most businesses but opens up a realm of insider threat possibilities. There are a wide variety of situations for either an employee to make a mistake or for bad and malicious actors to prey on any security gaps or vulnerabilities in your cloud applications or data storage.

The consensus is in: an overwhelming majority of IT Leaders are significantly concerned about insider threats, and for good reason. Insider threats range from an honest mistake by an employee, to a disgruntled ex-worker storming off with a flash drive. With such a wide plane of vulnerability, it is vital to have an insider threat strategy.

User credentials are essentially digital keys to your business. 1 in 5 data breaches carried out with malicious intent to steal or destroy data result from compromised credentials. Layered security and proper training are essential to a good cybersecurity defense, but at the end of the day, these threats and attacks can still be successful. Make sure to protect your data and your business with a comprehensive data backup, continuity, and recovery plan.

How often do your employees need to restore a lost file or revert back to a previous version? Mistakes happen and systems and hardware can glitch at any time. A comprehensive backup plan can not only save you from wasted time or mental frustration, but it could also provide a vital safeguard against a malicious security attack or data breach.

Most people have heard the phrase “Time is Money” and for most businesses, this is a universal truth. Downtime due to system failures or lost data can carry significant costs to your operations. The longer it takes for your business to identify and contain a security breach, the greater the financial hit. Do you have a backup and disaster recovery solution as part of a data and cybersecurity defense plan? If not, do you know how much downtime or data loss your can business survive?

Reputation and customer trust is a huge factor in the success of your business. Trust us, nobody wants to have a conversation or notify their customers and vendors that your mistakes or failures have resulted in the exposure or loss of their personal and private information or data records. With customer data being the number one type of data most vulnerable to insider threats, what are you doing to safeguard your most valuable data assets?

It should not be a surprise that hardware or software failure, glitches, human error, and accidental mistakes are the most common causes of data loss or exposure. While there is nothing more frustrating than having something out of your control wreak havoc on your business, don’t overlook the value of proactive prevention. Spend the time to prepare for a disaster and invest in a contingency plan.  Back up your data!