Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

March 2021 - Compliance

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  1. Regulations and Standards Governing Your Supply Chain Management Obligations
  2. Regulations & Reputations: How Compliant Is Your Supply Chain?



Cybersecurity risks in the supply chain are unfortunately not going anywhere and will likely become more prevalent. Make sure you know how to assess your supply chain risks to avoid potential future disasters.

One of the most important things to think about when using a new vendor is their “criticality.” If they were to be breached, how would it affect your business?

Compliance is vital for organizations that hold user data that could be easily violated by accident. Even something as innocent as attaching the wrong file can end with a significant fine.

While there are many aspects to cybersecurity, perhaps the most important one lies in the hands of your employees. To be a secure business, your employees need to act in a secure way. They need to follow a security process that is tailored to your organization.

More third-party vendors mean more security vulnerabilities. Make sure to assess your supply chain risk.

What kinds of risks do the vendors in your supply chain bring? Contact us for more information on how you can help keep your business safe.

Have you ever attached the wrong file to an email? If that file contained sensitive data, you may have been violating compliance laws in your area.

No one wants to leak sensitive data. It looks bad for your organization and can negatively impact a customer. With sensitive data being put at risk every 12 working hours, keeping data safe should be an ongoing practice.

Non-compliance liabilities can be highly expensive. With new laws and compliance regulations being implemented every year, it’s vital to keep up.

COVID-19 has altered nearly every aspect of life including cyberspace as well. Experts agree that due to the global pandemic, compliance risks have been heightened. So, make sure you get your supply chain checked today.

Becoming compliant isn’t easy. With changing regulations, updated frameworks and new threats emerging each year, keeping up with compliance can be daunting.

The financial cost of non-compliance is NOT worth the risk. Paying now to stay compliant can reap dividends in the future.