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April 2021 - Security

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  1. Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk: Your Employees
  2. Making Security Awareness Second Nature



Cybercriminals have zero ethical boundaries when it comes to attempting to deceive and exploit you for their own gain. One of the most common and consistently successful tactics used by hackers is impersonating a trusted Brand such as Microsoft, Amazon, or American Express. They intentionally take advantage of that trusted connection to trick you into lowering your guard or making careless mistakes.

Did you happen to notice the deception in the graphic we posted? We wanted to show how easy it is to scam someone by exploiting a well-known brand? Many users will overlook these scam indicators at first or even second glance. Training your employees on how to spot these common warning signs could prevent a disruptive and costly cyber-attack from being successful.

Employees are more likely to click on links from organizations they trust or have a work or personal connection to. This is why big brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, or American Express are some of the most common brands impersonated by cybercriminals for nefarious activities.

Consistent security awareness training for your entire workforce will arm your team with the knowledge and awareness they need to spot common warning signs and avoid being easy targets for hackers. Make sure they are trained so they can tell the difference.

The majority of companies conduct cybersecurity awareness training for their employees. Why? Because it is effective.

Attackers use email as an attack vector because it is so widely used by businesses. The first line of defense against attacks like these is employee training. With a vigilant workforce, you will reduce the likelihood of a successful attack significantly and create a security-minded culture.

More emails are being sent now than ever before due to remote work. With 80% of breaches being traced back to email, the broad use of this communication method creates a larger attack surface for hackers. Protect your business with employee training, so your workforce is prepared to spot attacks and nip them in the bud.

Could your business afford a $17,000 expense? Getting breached can be very costly, and the first step to protect against huge costs like these is training your employees. You cannot rely on security software and backups alone. You need to train your employees to be security stewards.

With the average organization receiving 40 malicious emails a day, it is vital that you have a vigilant workforce to protect against hackers. With employee cybersecurity training, your whole team can be an army on alert for phishing emails, scams, and other threats looming in your business inbox.

Losses due to business email compromise may seem like an impossible number to some, but with hackers often targeting small to mid-sized businesses in rapid succession, the cost adds up. Security awareness training is the first step in protecting your organization from this form of attack.

While easier said than done, fostering a culture of security within your business is vital to prevent breaches. With your team united and knowledgeable – hackers will have to think twice before attempting an attack. It is even shown that training will help employees adopt security best practices within their own lives, making security awareness second nature.

Just like most things, security awareness training works best with consistent practice and effort. Setting a regular schedule for training your employees about security awareness will provide an invaluable layer of protection against breaches. Short, easily consumable lessons that engage your users about the details of a specific threat or risk will optimize the retention of the information and improve overall adoption and success.

Security awareness training is an integral element of a comprehensive cybersecurity defense.  When implemented properly and provided on a regular routine schedule, the benefits and ROI for your business are always extremely positive.  Consistent lessons full of interesting strategies and are created to actively engage your users is the most effective way to be successful with your training programs.

Some of the most notorious hacks in history were enabled by human error, and data breach headlines around the world show this continues to be a major weakness in IT and data security initiatives. It’s time to own the critical responsibility of proactively training all employees, no matter their role or rank, to ensure they are armed with the knowledge and awareness necessary to avoid being the security gab or entry point for costly cyberattacks.

Some of the most sophisticated and deceptive attack tactics utilized by cybercriminals today can be countered by employees trained to spot the warning signs and threat indicators. Employees can be a powerful component of your security defense if they are receiving consistent and relevant security awareness training. Empower your entire workforce with the knowledge and insights they need to actively participate in the security and protection of your business systems and data assets.