Disaster Recovery

May 2021 - Backup

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  1. How Backup and Disaster Recovery Protects SMBs
  2. Why You Need a Robust BDR Solution



Losing a customer can be devastating, especially when you feel like it’s out of your control. Regain control by backing up your data.

Avoid downtime with a backup and disaster recovery plan.

Microsoft 365® does not back up data beyond 30 days! A growing business must maintain its data integrity with tools specifically made for that purpose. Get a better backup solution.

Backup solutions vary widely in their particular use cases and effectiveness. It is important to get the solution that is best suited for your needs and business.

A lot of data moves into the cloud every year, especially as demand for remote work remains strong. Ensure all that data is recoverable by having the right backup solution in place.

Cloud-based backups with disaster recovery are more secure, period.

The times we live in are far from predictable. Be prepared for the unexpected with a reliable backup solution that’s ready for tomorrow – and whatever comes with it.

A quick recovery after a disaster can make the difference between zero and astronomical damage to your business. Using Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will help make your data more recoverable.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Incorporate this mentality into your backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.

Your business not being able to function is a scary thought. It not being able to operate through no fault of your own is even scarier. Prepare for the unexpected with a backup solution.

Some believe that their data is backed up through Microsoft 365. This is only true through up to day 30. Backup and Disaster recovery is key for any business and is not sufficient in your 365 subscription.

Treat your data with care and ensure it is protected.