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June 2021 - Backup

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  1. Business Continuity Plan 101
  2. Why Your SaaS Data Needs Backup Protection



Attacks often result in data loss. The first step in preventing this is to back up your data!

Remote work isn’t going away, and neither are the backup risks that come with it. Make sure your backup is remote-ready.

Your data recovery after a disaster is too important to ‘wing it’. Contact us today so we can tailor a business continuity plan for your organization.

Every business is different, so why wouldn’t your Backup & Disaster Recovery plan be unique, too?

With such a strong incentive, cyberattacks will continue as long as there is money to be made. Protect the recoverability of data with a business-class backup solution.

Don’t let ransomware attacks disrupt your business. Make sure your systems and data are backed up and recoverable.

Backup can’t prevent a data breach, but it can help restore data, so your organization doesn’t have to pay a ransom.

Can your business afford a data breach? Downtime, lost data, and other costs drive the cost of a data breach extremely high.

Avoid having to pay a ransom by having a backup solution in place that protects your ability to recover data.

If your business is ever hit with an incident that compromises your network, you’ll need to get back up and running quickly to avoid further losses. This is greatly assisted by a good backup-and-disaster-recovery solution.

Software-as-a-Service is vital to most businesses. That is why threat actors frequently target SaaS vulnerabilities. There are easily deployable solutions that deal directly with data recoverability.

Connect with us to ensure your SaaS data is securely protected and recoverable when you need it.

Nothing in life is failproof including technology. This is why testing backup and business continuity processes are vital. Without routine and thorough testing, you might not discover errors, failures, or inefficiencies until it is too late.

Ransomware impacts businesses of all sizes and industries. These well-known household names fell prey to ransom attacks in 2020.

Only some had backups and BCDR plans in place to restore their systems and data.

Every business is a target. Prevent your organization from having to pay a ransom to recover data and restore operations.

Some of the datasets at highest risk of being impacted by malicious insiders are often the most valuable to your business.

Do you have proper data backup in place to safeguard and recover this priceless data if it is damaged or deleted by a disgruntled or negligent employee?