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April 2021 - Backup

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  1. Navigating Backups and Training During Unprecedented Times
  2. Why Security Awareness Training Is Essential for Backups



Even outstanding employees and 3rd party vendors or suppliers who have been reliable and trustworthy to date can and will make mistakes or act carelessly at times, potentially putting your critical data at risk. Having a robust and layered backup plan as well as regularly educating your employees is vital to keeping your business running as normal.

Training your employees about the effects of ransomware, as well as how to spot the common indicators and warning signs of an attack, will help mitigate or prevent a successful attack and the catastrophic impacts it would have on your business. Secure and reliable data backups are also vital in preventing the costly consequences of data loss and destruction.  There is no single guaranteed solution, so it is important to incorporate both practices into your data protection plan.

Following the global pandemic, organizations worldwide shifted to predominantly remote working environments. Unfortunately, a large number of businesses discovered they were not properly prepared for this shift in the operational process and continue to run into challenges related to ensuring network security and data protection.  Contact us today to assess if effectiveness and reliability of your current backup protocols and ensure that all employees have been trained on any new or alternative procedures.

The best and most effective cybersecurity & data protection strategies incorporate multiple security controls and measures. A couple of key security components your organization should implement to maximize your cybersecurity defenses are consistent employee awareness training and comprehensive data backup procedures and methods. These two strategies will significantly reduce the risk and costly consequences of cyberthreats and data loss incidents. They are important tactics in keeping cyberthreats from impacting your business.

Did you know that approximately 3 out of every 4 ransomware attacks are successful? It is increasingly imperative that businesses prioritize proactive prevention strategies to protect against new and evolving cyberthreats and growing data loss risks.  A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution may be your last line of defense from a ransomware attack and the best investment to safeguarding operational continuity should the worst happen.

New and evolving security risks and cyberthreats are continuously impacting businesses worldwide, regardless of industry or size. How confident are you in your current security controls and data protection systems? Without a thorough understanding of your business-critical systems and details regarding your information assets, it will be almost impossible to adequately protect and manage them.

We are reaching a time when the whole world is becoming more conscious of the growing reality of cybercrime and its threat to IT and data security making it critical for every employee to be more cautious and vigilant in their everyday activities. 

Participating in consistent training will reinforce your overall security posture by empowering employees with the knowledge and insights they need to identify potential threats and avoid common mistakes that can lead to costly disruptions or data loss.

Data protection is achieved through the combination of security controls, measures, and processes. This ‘multi-layered’ approach is the most reliable for successfully securing and protecting the integrity, availability, and accessibility of your data.

Find out how your business can confidently protect your data assets and operational continuity by incorporating the multi-layered effectiveness of people, processes, and technology.

Negotiating with hackers is not a data protection strategy for any successful business.

Invest in a data backup solution specifically developed to protect and secure your critical information assets and which incorporates consistent and relevant training methods to teach employees how to identify and avoid the common security risks and threats that can lead to data loss and operational disruption and don’t pay the hackers a dime of your profits.

Employees are a critical component to successful business operations; however, they can also be a major weak point in your IT and data security strategies. By implementing a security awareness program in addition to a robust data backup solution, you can start creating a security-driven culture that empowers your employees to confidently defend and protect the security of your business-critical system and private and sensitive data assets.

Data is valuable. That’s why bad actors are willing to pay good money for your records on the dark web. Help keep your business, employee, and customer data safe by training your employees and running regular backups and tests.

Has your business transitioned to remote work since the pandemic? With data breaches on average costing more for remote companies, the time is now to train your employees and backup your data. Don’t wait until a disaster happens!