WordPress Hosting

I was recently asked about WordPress hosting. How does the hosting work? Why are there so many web hosts? Which host is the best one?

In the simplest terms hosting is where files are stored on a server and people access the information from multiple locations.  This is the same for a WordPress site and any other site.  Think of WordPress like an application.  It has to be installed and then you can interact with it; it is a framework.  WordPress is a content management system or CMS.  WordPress provides the structure to add and display your information the those who visit your site.  The hosting service provides the public space where others can come find your site.

As for the question about the web hosts, well why are there so many car companies? Competition and variety. Just like any other market there will be multiple companies providing the same or similar product or service.  Each is the same yet different and one is not always better than the other.  When you are shopping for a car you will look at many variables that will affect your decision.  Variables such as size, features, price, dependability, reputation, etc.  These same variables apply to the web hosts and it will come down to your needs for your site and the features you want.

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