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August 2023

Over 100K ChatGPT Accounts Compromised

Have you ever used ChatGPT? What about any similar artificial intelligence? AI has gotten extremely popular, but it’s not without its risks: Consider ChatGPT, hailed as a cutting-edge solution but in the news recently for less flattering reasons.

How Does Gen Z Stack Up Against Cybersecurity Best Practices?

There are more than 2B of them around the world. They’ll make up nearly a third of the workforce by 2030. Most of them have had access to the internet since before they could talk.

Data Poisoning: Why AI Isn't Infallible

Think about how AI “self-learns.” Developers feed the machine tons of data sourced from around the web. What if malicious actors manipulated the training dataset to influence the AI’s learning and performance?

How to Manage Vendors and Third-Party Risk

To more effectively fight off third-party cybersecurity risks, you must learn how best to manage your various vendors.

What is Data Localization...and Is it in Our Future?

If you live somewhere with data localization laws in place, then you actually do have an idea of where your personally identifiable information (PII) is being kept.

Tricks to Avoid Phishing Scams for Mobile Users

Have you taken Security Awareness Training or even passed simulated phishing campaigns at work? Hopefully, you’re a little familiar with how to recognize phishing scams on your computer!

Select Business & Tech Articles

August 2023

Understanding Reverse Email Lookup: A Tool to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Owais Sultan, Hack Read

Reverse email lookup is an essential tool that allows you to verify that an email address is connected to the person or business you think it is, thus blocking unwanted communications. By enabling users to investigate suspicious emails, it is another way for individuals and organizations to stay vigilant in the realm of cybersecurity. Check out the ins and outs of this valuable tool.

These 17 Lessons in Leadership Will Help You Guide Your Team to Excellence

Brett Farmiloe, All Business

What does it take to be a great leader? Establishing clear goals and objectives, taking calculated risks, and talking less and listening more are key factors in improving leadership skills. Read more business advice as this question was posed to 17 leaders and they shared their insight.

What to do About the Rise of Financial Fraud

C.J. Haughey, Security Intelligence

Financial fraud is on the rise, and with our lives becoming even more digital, this ever-evolving threat will continue to pose a real danger. Most types of fraud include a scam where credentials and documents are stolen, and we must adopt a hacker mindset to fight back. Learn more about the 9 most common types of financial fraud in 2023 and what your IT team can do to combat it.

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Ross Moore, CPO Magazine

In the simplest terms, Data Loss Prevention involves the safekeeping of data from all threats. While there are definitely criminals at work, data loss is not privy to just thievery – it also happens when employees make mistakes. Learn more information about keeping your valuable information secret and safe.

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