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December 2023

Behind the Hospital Curtain: Why Is PHI Such a Hot Topic?

On June 26th, 2023, an unauthorized party was able to access systems and steal the protected health information of 8.9M patients under their care.

Why are cybercriminals so bent on stealing our private health information?

Why Hackers Love the Holidays

Wintertime has higher rates of cybercrime than any other season! So why do we seem to be more vulnerable to threat actors in the colder months?

Is Google Wiretapping Your Calls?

In October 2023, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Google alleging that the company’s “human-like” customer service AI wiretapped customers without their knowledge or consent.

This lawsuit against Google raises important questions about the use of AI in customer service, and the privacy implications therein.

What the End of the Writer Strike Means for AI

Since the first science fiction movie, humanity has considered the worst that could happen if “technology took over.” In recent years, this has become a more realistic fear: Ask any artist, and they’ve probably expressed fear about AI taking over their craft.

At the end of September, the Writer’s Guild of America and the studios reached a deal about the use of AI.

Injecting More than Just Vaccines: Prompt Injection Attacks Run Rampant

How much do you rely on artificial intelligence?

Prompt injection attacks have been putting AI at risk, especially chatbots.

Money Goes Even More Digital

The European Union is developing a digital currency issued and backed by the European Central Bank.

This will give Europe a greater “slice” of the payment industry pie. On the flipside, critics are concerned that this will over-centralize the ECB and lead to significant privacy concerns.

Select Business & Tech Articles

December 2023

Snapchat Safety for Parents: How to Safeguard Your Child

Owais Sultan, Hackread

In this digital age, it’s important to ensure your child’s online safety. Learn more about key guidelines for parents whose children use Snapchat, and gain peace of mind knowing that your child is using Snapchat responsibly and securely. 

The Evolution of Ransomware: Lessons for the Future

Security Intelligence, Mackenzie Milligan

Ransomware has been a significant threat in the cyber crime world since the late 1980s. Over the years, attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and threat actors have leveraged various techniques. While the future of ransomware holds unknown threats, we can learn from past experiences and recent trends to better prepare ourselves against this persistent menace.

Should You Put the Price First or Last?

Roger Dooley, Neuroscience Marketing

It’s an age-old marketing debate, do you lead with price or describe the product first? In this groundbreaking study, the world of neuroscience and brain scan images reveal the optimal placement of price and product information. Discover how to strike the perfect balance between enticing descriptions and transparent pricing.

7-hour Recovery: How an American Business Beat Ransomware?

Paul Wagenseil, SC Media

Discover the incredible story of a resilient American business that triumphed over a ransomware attack in just 7 hours. No loss of business, no ransom paid – this is a tale of true resilience and innovation. Learn more about their swift recovery and the key elements that played a pivotal role. today’s digital age, our personal information is scattered across various platforms and organizations. But what happens to that data when we’re no longer here? Data ownership is very hard to define, yet everyone has a digital legacy to protect. Learn more about this and why AI is a privacy game changer.  

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