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February 2023

Inside the Breach on T-Mobile

37M T-Mobile customers learned that their personally identifiable information (PII) was exposed in a data breach on the company.

Smart Cars Get Duped: The New Security Flaw Found in Millions of Vehicles

Cars can do almost anything these days. You can cool off while playing music on Bluetooth. You can chat with the console to ask for directions.  Now, experts have identified a flaw in the API security that’s used in cars from 16 major manufacturers.

What is PKI and Why Does it Matter?

Public key infrastructure is an oft-used tool by businesses and you need to understand how and why you’re expected to protect PKI.

How Encryption Really Works: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to encryption, this article will teach you everything from common terms and definitions, to how encryption works in practice.

Twitter Suffers Data Breach of 400M+ Users

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has generated a ton of headlines since he took the helm of Twitter. The social media platform enjoys over 450M active users every month. Now Musk is trending again, and not for anything good.

What You Need to Know About Physically Securing Your Devices

A lot of cybersecurity awareness revolves around the digital security of all your devices…but how well do you take care of their physical security?

Select Business & Tech Articles

February 2023

Too Much Caffeine? Phishing-as-a-Service Makes Us Jittery

Jonathan Reed, Security Intelligence

Caffeine is a new, inexpensive platform that makes it easy even for non-technical people to create phishing campaigns. Learn more about this new trend of Cyber-Crime-as-a-Service and how you can protect yourself against phishing attacks.

Having Trouble Getting Verified on Social Media? Try These Strategies

Heidi Cortez, Entrepreneur

Securing that little blue checkmark on social media gives you instant credibility and can open new doors and business opportunities. Learn tips on how to develop a plan to obtain the official marker verifying you as a public figure to watch.

Why the New Networking is About Creating Connection – and Four Ways to Do It

Holly Corbett, Forbes

We are connected virtually more than we have ever been before, yet there is a widespread sense of loneliness, especially at work. Networking can be seen as transactional, while connection is more of a two-way street. Discover new strategies for creating and deepening connections with work colleagues.

How to Spot AI-Generated Art, According to Artists

Reece Rogers, Wired

With the public release of AI art tools, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between images made by artificial intelligence and art created by humans. As the debate swirls around the ethical use of these tools, the art world is becoming a whole lot more complicated.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

The Next Google

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman talks about AI and their primary mission for humanity.

Crash Course on ChatGPT

This ChatGPT tutorial is a crash course on Chat GPT for beginners seeking to use AI for the first time.

Fast Food Robots

Up to 82% of restaurant positions could, to some extent, be replaced by robots.

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