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January 2023

New Year for Cyber-Threats: 3 Things Coming Your Way in 2023

It’s the New Year! You’ve almost made it through another tumultuous year full of cybersecurity threats and defenses. Whether used for good or evil, each new technological marvel must fight to stay ahead of their opposition.

Uber Hacked Again: The Newest Data Breach on the Rideshare App

Nobody is safe from the recent plague of supply chain attacks…not even one of the largest ride share apps in the world! With over 100M users, Uber understandably needs some help with asset management and tracking.

Is Malware About to Get 60x Faster?

Cybercriminals are using AI’s growing power for evil, too. New AI can code entirely new malware in significantly less time than it takes to build by hand.

Spam? Don't Just Click "Delete"

No matter what email platform you use, who you connect with, and where you choose to give out your email address, we all deal with it: Spam messages. Sometimes, spam is clearly recognizable as fake.

PHI: What is It and How to Know Yours is Protected

Even if your healthcare providers do their very best to protect your information, is your data really protected on their systems?

Sharing a Computer? Be Careful What You Browse

Do you go to the public library when you need to do some extra research? Have one laptop that gets used by everyone in the family as they need it? Ever borrow a friend’s device to look something up in a pinch?

Select Business & Tech Articles

January 2023

4 Exciting Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2023 and Beyond

Max Kraynov, Entrepreneur

With consumers becoming more careful with their finances, 2023 looks to be the year that customers look for apps with greater benefits and rewards. With the popularity of Augmented Reality and the trend of socially conscious, waste-reducing apps, 2023 will continue its record-breaking path with these initiatives. Check out the emerging mobile app trends for the year ahead.

How to Spot AI-generated Text

Melissa Heikkila, MIT Technology Review

How do you know whether what you read online has been written by a human or a machine? The Internet is becoming increasingly flooded with AI-generated text. Learn more about the tools needed to differentiate between human and AI-written content to counter misuses of technology.

Key facts about Rumble

Shreenita Ghosh & Galen Stocking, Pew Research Group

Founded in 2013, alternative social media service Rumble, an online video-sharing platform, has created a satisfied community of users. While the general public isn’t too familiar with alternative social media sites, many of Rumble’s news consumers report having a positive experience. Learn more about this alternate social media service.

Who Are the Seven Problem Solving Superheroes in Your Group?

David Benjamin & David Komlos, Forbes

There are seven uncommon ‘superhero’ personas that exist in every large group tasked with solving a problem. These personality types will have a positive impact on the group and their team environments. Look for these seven personality traits to incorporate into your team.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

Fully Automated McD's

Inside the first fully automated McDonald’s in America where robots have taken over.

AI Human-level Writing

Artificial Intelligence can write as well as humans. See how it works and where we are going.

Sound Engineers Rejoice

AI interprets and displays music structure as a visual ‘spectrograph’.

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