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January 2024

A Bite out of Apple? Safari Exploit Discovered

Do you use Apple services?

Then you need to know about a vulnerability they recently found on the Safari browser.

End-to-End Encryption: What Is It and Why Does It Matter

The best communication channels employ end-to-end encryption so that your messages aren’t just protected at rest…they’re safe from hackers when they’re on the move, too.

What is “Ethernet”?

Do you know what “ethernet” means? It sounds like Internet for a reason, but instead it’s meant to ensure safe and swift communication between devices in close proximity to each other.

Factoring in the Human Element of Cybersecurity

In the midst of advanced technology, we can sometimes forget that we, too, play a critical role in keeping our systems and networks safe. At home or in the office, we each have a responsibility to protect the private data in our care.

Select Business & Tech Articles

January 2024

Cultivating Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls: 3 Tips from an Expert

Nathan Beckord, All Business

Want to speak like a CEO? In the age of video conference calls, it’s important to learn how to communicate effectively over video and that includes not only what you say, but how you say it. Discover tips from a vocal coach on how you can nail your next online meeting.

5 Fraud Prevention Strategies That Help Companies Ward Off Cyber Attacks

Owais Sultan, HackRead

All businesses are at risk of experiencing fraud in some form – from cyber attacks to dishonest employees. And while it may be difficult to catch the schemers, it is imperative to have your guard up. Learn more about five key fraud prevention solutions that businesses can use to ward off attacks.

Moral Machines: The Importance of Ethics in Generative AI

Stephan Jou, CPO Magazine

Generative AI is capable of generating text, images, or other media, and is revolutionizing industries across the globe; but ensuring ethicality is key to unlocking its true potential. Gain a deeper understanding of how organizations can leverage ethical AI adoption to gain a competitive advantage and more.

New phishing attack steals your Instagram backup codes to bypass 2FA

Bill Toulas, Bleeping Computer

Instagram users be aware – the latest phishing campaign is targeting your backup codes. Hackers are bypassing your two-factor authentication and compromising your privacy via a phony ‘copyright infringement’ email. Learn more about safeguarding your account and staying safe and secure online.

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AI+Excel=Data Analysis

Number crunching just got a whole lot easier – take your Excel skills to the next level.

AI PowerPoint Builder

At a creative roadblock, let AI help you bring your ideas to live for your next PowerPoint presentation.

AI Interior Design Tools

Each vertical will have enhanced tools to make everyone more productive, even interior designers.

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