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With new AI technology on video meetings muted uses become mimes…

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July 2023

Smart Cars Keep Getting Outsmarted

Smart cars kicked off the years in the headlines, but not for a good reason: A vulnerability was discovered in 16 major vehicle manufacturers, leaving millions of drivers potentially exposed.

How Well Do You Know Your Incident Response Plan?

It’s a matter of when, not if, you are the target of a cyberattack these days. Having a formal plan and training in place will help organization prepare to notice, react to and deal with a security breach or other cybersecurity-related issue.

Are Online File Converters Cyber-Safe?

Many people turn to online file converters and other websites that will give them what they need. Unfortunately, these all come with certain risks that could compromise the security of your data.

Open Source Coding 101: Behind the Buzzword

Even if you’re not into coding, you’ve probably heard the term “open source” coding before. Understanding what each kind of software development powers your favorite platforms is the first step to making better decisions while you surf the web!

Beginning of the End? Behind the Latest Breach on ChatGPT

In just six months, ChatGPT has made plenty of headlines. Now it’s in the news for another reason…their open-source library was exploited through a little-known vulnerability that exposed a lot of personal data.

3 Smart Ways to Hide Your Searches in Public

Our modern world is extremely digitized; because of that, we constantly use Internet-connected devices, even when we’re on the go.

Select Business & Tech Articles

July 2023

Paying Ransomware’s Ransom: Why it’s Time to Reconsider

Mark Stone, Security Intelligence

While we keep wishing that ransomware attacks will disappear, they are unfortunately becoming more prominent and sophisticated than ever. So, what is a business to do when ransomware strikes? Paying the ransom is only a small fraction of the cost and in some cases is even considered a federal offense. why paying the ransom is no longer considered the best option.

A Majority of Americans Have Heard of ChatGPT, but Few Have Tried it Themselves

Emily A. Vogels, Pew Research Center

While ChatGPT has captured the attention of the media and the world, relatively few adults in the U.S have tried it for themselves. According to a survey from Pew Research Center only 6 out of 10 adults were familiar with it and only 14% have tried it. Read more about this recent study and how many people who have used ChatGPT found it useful.

Setting Strong and Unique Passwords: The First Line of Defense for PS5 Security

Owais Sultan, Hack Read

In today’s digital world it is imperative that we keep our online information safe. More than just a strong password these days is needed to keep unauthorized access at bay while gaming. Discover key tips on how to keep your console safe and secure from hackers.

What Can We Do Differently About App Security?

Apu Pavithran, TechBeacon

The recent TikTok bans are some organizations’ responses to application security. Many businesses have reinvented their policies to conform with work from home and bring your own device culture. But what else should business leaders be doing to safeguard their organizations?

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

AI in Dentistry

AI helps dentists catch more cavities and gum disease: It’s ‘unbiased’ and ‘more accurate’.

Create Safe Word

Scammers use AI to make family emergency scheme seem real, here is a real life example.

Virtual Patients

Augmented reality could help with healthcare training and assist with surgical procedures.

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