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March 2023

How to Manage Third-Party Risks

With the increased use of SaaS and other services, it is essential to understand the risks associated with third-parties and how to best manage them. This is the best way to prevent malicious actors or accidental data loss.

Google Fi-ghting a SIM Swap Attack

Google is currently dealing with a cyberattack on their telecom and mobile virtual network operation (MVNO) service. Since 2016, Google Fi has been servicing what is now approximately 500K active users.

Roaming Mantis: Real-Time Case Study in Compromised Public WiFi

The longer you go without being negatively impacted by a data breach, it’s natural to become more blasé with some of the routine steps you take to secure your devices.

Data Breach Exposes 1M CHS Patients' PHI

Recently, Community Health Systems experienced a data breach that affected the private information of one million patients. This is the latest in a string of supply chain attacks targeting businesses.

What to Do with Default Apps

Fresh out of the box, your phone probably had the provider’s preferred web browser; an application to Map your way around; somewhere to send messages and even backup data! What do you do with all these default programs?

Breach on GoDaddy Goes Back "Multiple Years"

Recently, an investigation into suspicious activity on GoDaddy servers uncovered a massive data breach that’s been ongoing since at least 2020.

Select Business & Tech Articles

March 2023

Are Threat Actors Using ChatGPT to Hack Your Network?

Sue Poremba, Security Intelligence

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and its game-changing AI ability to generate human-like text. Yet with any popular technology, what makes it good can also make it a threat, including malicious actors using AI to write malware. Learn more about work arounds and rephrasing requests to help keep your activity safe.

A New Kind of Bug Spells Trouble for iOS and macOS Security

Matt Burgess, Wired

Apple has hardened the security systems on iPhones and Macs for years, but no company is immune forever. Learn more about a new class of bugs that has reared its ugly head that can affect Apple operating systems and allow an attacker to sweep your messages, photos, and call history.

5 Effective Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Omri Hurwitz, Entrepreneur

Being a subject matter expert is key to positioning yourself as a thought leader. By regularly engaging with your audience and providing valuable industry content, you will establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field. Discover five ways to practice effective thought leadership.

How to Delete All Your Emails on Gmail, or Mass-delete a Specific Amount of Emails at Once

Abigail Abesamis Demarest & Dave Johnson, Business Insider

If you have an untidy Gmail inbox, you are not alone. If you are looking to free up storage space or get organized, it hasn’t always been easy to identify shortcuts for deleting emails. Read more to discover tips on how to clear out your Gmail inbox quickly and easily.

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Ask Ameca Q&A

Using GPT3, Ameca answers user-submitted questions to showcase robotics today.

Top Use Cases for AI

This article will help you learn the top Artificial Intelligence applications in the real world.

X-Ray Vision AR

MIT researchers invented an augmented reality headset that gives humans X-ray vision.

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