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May 2023

A Dark Power is Rising: Behind the Emerging Ransomware Threat

A new, sinister ransomware is sweeping the web. Dark Power, the nascent evil of worldwide ransomware threat group, has already stolen the personally identifiable information of 10 people in the first month of operations.

Is Your Face ID Being Held Without Your Consent...or Your Knowledge?

Face ID is just one form of biometric identification that is used in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s for convenience and sometimes for security. Scanning your face, fingerprint and other unique attributes is a great way to guarantee it’s really YOU logging into your devices.

What Does “The Internet Is Forever” Really Mean?

Did you take the advice, or roll your eyes? Hopefully you took that to heart, because it happens to be true: What goes up on the Internet will not come down. Just hitting “delete” isn’t enough, but why?

Crash Course in Keylogging: What Is It and What Do You Need to Know?

What if threat actors could see everything that you did online? Everything you searched, every message you sent, every password you entered?

What's the Fuss About MFA?

MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication, uses multiple factors to verify a user’s identity. It is typically used in addition to a username and password to provide an extra layer of security.

Is Your Network Security Decentralized?

Decentralized cybersecurity. Centralized defense structures. What do these terms mean?

Select Business & Tech Articles

May 2023

How to Use the Ben Franklin Effect to Increase Loyalty

Victoria Greene, Neuroscience Marketing

Developing customer loyalty is hard to do and cultivate. So how do you establish a positive connection with people in 2023? Learn more about the Ben Franklin method and how it can help turn strangers into loyal customers.

Cyberattacks Against Gamers Continue Beyond 167% Increase

Jonathan Reed, Security Intelligence

The gaming industry is bursting with opportunity for cyber criminals as the number of users has exploded to nearly 3 billion gamers worldwide. With the sudden surge in gaming, how do we protect our young gamers at home from becoming easy targets? Learn key tips that can benefit both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Workers Are Overloaded and Underproductive – Here are 3 Ways Workplace Tools Can Help

Dean Guida, Entrepreneur

A recent study showed 96% of employees are dissatisfied with the tools they’ve been equipped with to handle their workload. By having everything in one place it alleviates ‘invisible work’ and drives greater productivity. Discover three things that every workplace tool should do to empower its user.

Should Paying Ransomware Be Criminalized?

Rik Ferguson, Techbeacon

It’s a big question – should the payment of a ransomware demand be criminalized? As it stands today, many complex factors need to be considered in addition to a lack of availability around clear-cut legal guidance. Read more about this great debate.

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AI Productivity Study

A.I. boosted worker productivity by 14%—those who use it ‘will replace those who don’t’.

Helping the Blind

AI tool provides blind users with an audio description of whatever they are facing.

AI Think Tank Speaks Out

AI experts discuss the current state of AI, and the issues these present for the future.

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