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November 2022

Guilty of Being Hacked? Ex-Uber Exec Convicted for Paying Data Breachers

If you used rideshare apps in 2016, then you’ll vividly remember the hack on Uber’s database that exposed 600K drivers’ license numbers and 57M users’ personal data…

Watch Your Webcam: What Hackers Are Doing With Your Camera

We’ve all seen it on TV: Cops processing a scene, while to their ignorance a laptop stays open so the perpetrator can watch their investigation; or in reverse, when government computer analysts break into the criminal’s webcam to find their suspect.

Thief on Thief Crime: Hackers Target the Incarcerated More Than You Think

They say “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” but what happens when cybercriminals decide to commit their own version of double jeopardy?

Attention WhatsApp Users! Better Security Is Coming

Good news for people who use WhatsApp: Developers are about to drop an update that will make the app much more secure. WhatsApp has over 2B active users around the world,…

What's the Most Common Brand Faked By Phishers?

Phishing scams are rampant in today’s cyber environment. Over 90% of data breaches start with a well-placed phishing message. Hackers will set “bait” to draw you into you installing malware or giving them your private information,…

What the Optus Breach Tells Us About the Cyber-Risks of Telecom

You might have heard about a breach in late September 2022 that hit the Australian-based telecom company, Optus. With 9.7M subscribers, they’re the second-biggest telecoms company in Australia.

Select Business & Tech Articles

November 2022

Our Social Media Addiction

Kelsey Gripenstraw, Harvard Business Review

Social media platforms are purposefully designed to be addictive, with notifications triggering a dopamine release in our brains similar to other types of addiction. Are you noticing your attention span and mental capacity suffering? You are not alone. Learn more about breaking addictive behavior.

How to Keep Your Secrets Safe: A Password Primer

Dustin Heywood, Security Intelligence

Password fatigue is on the rise as many people have numerous online accounts. Weak and easy-to-remember passwords are becoming more common in an effort to make life easier. But don’t fall prey to this behavior and allow cybercriminals access to your data. Discover top tips on good password hygiene.

Let’s not circle back on that: These 10 corporate buzzwords are the most hated in America

Chloe Berger, Fortune

If the use of certain corporate jargon or small talk about the weather makes your blood pressure rise…you are not alone. Most workers dislike business buzzwords yet they are alive and well with employees hearing them (and using them) daily! Find out the 10 most annoying phrases hated among your coworkers.

What Do Your Online Habits Do To The Planet?

Adi Gaskell, Forbes

The pandemic encouraged us to live our lives online more than ever before. But what impact do these digital habits we have formed have on our planet? Learn more about the transparency around the energy and environmental impacts of digital technology.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

Voice AI on Tap

A voice cloning product uses deep learning to model and replicate human voices.

Words to Video Creation

Describe a scene using only words to AI and watch how a fully animated video is created.

AI Cancer Screening

Now doctors can perform a colonoscopy using AI to help detect precancerous polyps.

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