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Tech Humor

When you can’t even live your best life…

Cybersecuirty news

October 2022

3 Unexpected Places We Risk Online Security

The Internet has pervaded nearly every activity we do. Whether we’re watching our Smart TVs or professionally networking with people on the other side of the world…

Samsung Announces Data Breach: What Happened to YOUR Info?

Over Labor Day weekend, Samsung users in the U.S. received an unfortunate email from their provider.

5 Things Your I.T. Guy Says, Decoded

Whether we’re backed by a whole department of security experts, relying on chat support to troubleshoot a one-off issue, or contracting a team to mitigate an existing threat, we’ve all had to call upon tech support at one point or another.

The Hidden Threat: What is Man-in-the-Middle?

How many cyberattacks has your Security Awareness Training taught you to identify? It’s not always about recognizing suspicious activity on the network or learning how to flag phishing messages.

Save Space and Time by Tossing Outdated Tech

You may have heard your I.T. guy recommend upgrading hardware as soon as better versions come out, or noticed that your smart phone suggests turning on auto-updates at night.

5 Steps for Safer Online Shopping

Digitization swept the world for the past several decades, as people flocked online to connect with each other and make life more convenient. Shopping was no exception.

Select Business & Tech Articles

October 2022

Uber Was Hacked Using a Simple Technique That Might Work on Your Company, Too

Minda Zetlin, Inc.

‘Exhaustion attacks’ are a new type of breach which wear employees down and trick them into letting hackers into company systems. This happened with Uber and this simple technique could work on more companies. Learn what you can do to help keep your company safe.

When Quiet Quitting is Worse Than the Real Thing

Anthony C. Klotz & Mark C. Bolino, Harvard Business Review

There is so much talk recently about ‘quiet quitters’, who are continuing to do their regular work but they no longer go above and beyond what is asked. Learn three leadership strategies to maneuver through this new movement.

What Kind of Data Costs Most in a Breach?

George Platsis, Security Intelligence

All breaches are driven by the desire for data, which has become the most valuable currency. By examining the life cycle of your data (from inception to destruction), this will help to determine what a breach will cost you. Learn more about who determines the value of your data what it is really worth.

How One Man Lost $1 M to a ‘Super Scam’ Called Pig Butchering

Cyrus Farivar, Forbes

There is a new type of investment racket to be aware of where people are convinced to invest large sums of money in cryptocurrency-fueled trading platforms. Read a first-hand account of the heartbreaking mechanics of this swindle where a man trusted the fake platform and then saw his money disappear.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

Voice Cloning On Tap

A voice cloning product uses deep learning to model and replicate human voices.

Virtual World Superstore

AI model quickly generates objects and characters for virtual worlds.

Selfies Of The Future!

How Microsoft is building 3D human models as AI advances quickly.

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