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October 2023

TypoSquatting: Your Guide to Understanding this Cyber-Threat

Typos are usually small mistakes you make when you’re writing on your phone or computer. “Fat fingers” are responsible for writing “teh” instead of “the” and accidentally ending a sentence in “1” instead of “!”.

Unlike a simple typo when you’re messaging your friends, typosquatting is much more sinister.

Hacking for Good? It’s Possible, Lucrative and Legal

Hacking isn’t always a malicious attempt to prey on your systems and data. Sometimes it can be used for good!

No, seriously.

MGM Shut Down By a Phone Call

Have you heard about the attack on MGM Resorts International?

On September 11, 2023 the major casino and hotel operator was hit by a serious and consequential cyberattack — and it all started with a ten minutes phone call. The attack forced the company to shut down its computer systems, disrupting operations at its properties across the United States.

Are Cookies Taking a Bite Out of Your Data Privacy?

Have you heard of cookies before?

No, not the kind made with chocolate chips or oatmeal raisins…

We’re talking about Internet cookies.

Do You Hire or Fire People? Stay Safe During Turnover

If you’re reading this now, the title must have intrigued you. Are you involved with the onboarding and offboarding process in your organization, to any extent?

Whenever someone is entering or exiting the company, a window of opportunity opens. If you’re not careful and they have ill intentions, someone being on- or offboarded could attempt to compromise the privacy of the sensitive data that your company manages.

Cybersecurity should play a role in every stage of the employee turnover process! There are security risks inherently involved in turnover which can quickly blossom into a full-blown attack.

Black Basta Shows No Signs of Slowing Ransomware Attacks

A ransomware group called Black Basta continues its reign of terror against organizations in the healthcare, manufacturing and technology sectors. The group has already claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks, including an attack on a major US healthcare provider that resulted in the theft of patient data.

Ransomware has always been a huge issue online, and groups like this aren’t helping to slow down the epidemic.

Select Business & Tech Articles

October 2023

Why Consumer Drones Represent a Special Cybersecurity Risk

Mike Elgan, Security Intelligence

As drones continue to increase in popularity and affordability, attacks using consumer drones are on the rise. Whether we like it or not, these devices are a security risk. Learn why businesses need to act now to protect themselves from drone-enabled cyberattacks. 

Ransomware Comic Looks to Bring Detective Noir to the Computer Age

Derek B. Johnson, SC Media

Meet Johnny Dollar, a fictional private detective who is fighting crime in the digital age. Originally launched in 1949, he is back in the form of a new comic book investigating ransomware crimes. As cybercrimes have become a major public policy issue, its depiction on TV and other mediums is becoming more frequent.

A Password Free Future

Sam Rehman, Cyber Defense Magazine

Is a password free future possible? Password resets are a key source of breaches, with more than half of Americans performing at least 5 resets a month. But while brands transition to a ‘passwordless’ biometric model, they need to prioritize user experience to ensure a successful adoption.

Say These 7 Words When Employees Bring You Their Problems

Mark Murphy, Leadership IQ

As a business leader, how do you curb your natural impulse to jump in and solve company problems? Its important to let employees develop critical thinking skills and take initiative. Learn the best response to answering an employee problem with seven simple words. Learn the simple seven-word response you need to give your employees when they bring a problem to you.  

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AI in the Enterprise

AI is changing how work is done, but companies must overcome various challenges from its use.

AI Ancient Thinkers

Ancient Greek scientists and philosophers are brought back to life leveraging AI.

Is this Really You?

Phone scammers are using AI to mimic voices and tricking people into taking their money.

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