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October 2020 - Backup

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  1. Backup Strategies to Prevent Data Loss
  2. Ensuring Proper and Secure Backups While Working With Remote Workforces



2020 Lesson: “Yes, things can definitely get worse!”

Cyberthreats surged amid the spread of COVID19, targeting distracted and panicked employees unprepared for the ensuing chaos. With remote work quickly taking over as the ‘new normal’ it is more important than ever before that your business make cybersecurity and data protection a priority. Cybercriminals are often one step ahead, but you can take precautions to block or mitigate your risks.

Ransomware has evolved and adapted over the last 30+ years and continues to be one of the biggest cyberbullies actively targeting businesses because it is also one of the most dangerous. If you want to give your business its best chance to overcome a ransom attack, protecting your data and your wallet, you need to implement a secure, best-in-class backup solution that includes a robust disaster recovery component.

Let us show you how you can stop that bully in his tracks and even save yourself the cost and stress.

The pandemic forced businesses around the world to shift operations to a remote workforce in the wake of a worldwide quarantine. This workplace transformation has been a major driver in a significant flood of data into the cloud. In addition to data backups of your physical devices and employee file, you need to also include a backup option for your SaaS applications as it is ultimately the customer who is responsible for their data.

Have you ever pondered, even if just for a moment, all the possible and highly probable ways in which your business’ critical data can be lost, stolen, corrupted, breached, and more? It is rather alarming not only how long that list would be, but also just how easy and often data is lost every minute. Make sure you are protecting your data and your business with a strong backup system that includes multiple active copies of your data and leverages the many values of cloud backups.

The future is unpredictable and the chances of your business experiencing a major security incident or serious data loss event within the next year are practically inevitable. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can help you understand your unique risks and implement the necessary protective measures that will help reduce or mitigate any impacts and costs or potentially prevent them all together. It should include a secure automated backup solution, with built-in redundancy that will keep your data safe and protected.

Businesses around the world are running into threats and risks at every turn. We must change our approach and make the necessary investments needed for whatever challenge we face next. Data protection is a priority, and all businesses need to establish and maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan no matter their size, industry, or location in the world.

It only takes one moment for everything to unravel in business, do not wait, get started today.

A comprehensive backup solution with built-in disaster recovery measures may just be the magic bullet you need to remain calm and disregard the ransom demand. Our DRaaS solution has custom-built protections that are uniquely capable of keeping your business systems and priceless data protected from loss triggered by ransomware.

Let us show you just how your backups can not only protect your data but also help you avoid paying the ransom.

Nothing is failproof. Our backup solutions are best in class, enterprise-quality hardware, and actively supported systems and programs but nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Regular routine tests for data backups are overwhelmingly skipped and completely ignored or consistently not performed correctly. You do not want to find out about a configuration error, broken API, user mistake, or sync issue, that rendered your backup usable or worse. Testing does not have to be hard or complicated – in fact, we will do it for you.

Humans are consistently a notable weak point and wild card relating to just about everything technology or cybersecurity-related. The truth is people make mistakes, a lot. Sometimes it’s small and simple and sometimes it can be catastrophic. Having a secure backup solution for all users in your organization can help your users overcome at least 60% of those ‘oops’ moments.

Technology today seems to advance at warp speed and the demand for connectivity worldwide that is faster and more reliable is expanding every day. As the world continues to navigate and move forward beyond the pandemic we are surrounded by threats and risks at every turn. Not having a robust and secure backup solution for your business should terrify you.

Do not become a victim of assumption and misunderstanding when it comes to your business-critical data within your third-party SaaS applications. Make sure you understand the SLA terms you can expect as a customer and review your vendor’s definition of ‘shared responsibility’. Your data, your responsibility! A cloud-to-cloud backup of your SaaS applications is a must-have solution to protect your business from regret down the road.

A hasty shift to a remote workforce quickly shed a light on various business-critical practices, systems, or security solutions that are falling short or totally missing within companies around the world. One key area that needs immediate attention is to ensure that all business data is being backed up correctly and that our remote workers are properly organizing and storing data in an environment that the IT pros can see and manage.