Essential Elements of a Compliance Program

August 2021 - Compliance

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Your employees are often the weak link in cybersecurity.

Most often, even non-malicious behavior can land you in hot water.

Remote roles have become a huge part of industries in which this format is possible. It’s vital that your organization takes this into account for its security.

Are any of your finance processes running remotely?

Privacy regulations are here to stay and will likely become stricter. Are you compliant?

What are your plans for incorporating a data protection officer into your business?

Compliance is a complicated facet of data security. Many businesses are finding that the best way to stay compliant is to outsource some of their functionality.

Does your business have a designated Compliance Officer?

Monitoring various aspects of your compliance program is key to staying compliant in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Your cybersecurity posture is only as strong as its weakest link.

You can’t expect employees to aid in your cybersecurity efforts without understanding what they’re working for and protecting against.

Make sure you are not just compliant in general, but also for your particular industry.