Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Gaps

August 2021 - Security

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  2. Why Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Are Dangerous



While employees, colleagues, and contractors can be your greatest asset, research shows they can also open your organization up to serious threat actors.

Change the narrative with finely tuned security controls and cybersecurity awareness training.

Weak passwords? Get them back in shape. Strong passwords help secure your business. Strengthen your passwords to minimize other cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Denial of service attacks are common and disruptive to business operations for a short period of time. Ransomware, on the other hand, can render your business inoperable for weeks. Regardless of which you’re hit with, you’ll want a way to get back up and running quickly.

Would you play at a casino where you can’t win? Probably not. Running an organization without proper security measures in place is like playing a game you can’t win. Change your odds with preventative solutions designed to minimize your email security risks.

Gambling without the possibility of winning isn’t much fun. Neither is rolling the dice with ransomware.

If your company were to get breached, do you know what data the hacker would collect? That all depends on the types of accounts — HR, executives, etc. — and information they have access to.

The consequences of sensitive data mishandling can be severe. From data exposure to loss, it’s no picnic. Make sure you’re doing all you can to prevent this from happening.

Organized crime has taken the internet by storm, congregating in corners of the Dark Web and plotting to hack various organizations. Proper cybersecurity can prevent cybercriminals from taking your hard-earned cash.

Criminals want to take your money. This comes in many forms: selling your organization’s credit card info, using your company card, or even emptying a business bank account.

Cybercriminals are coming for your organization’s hard-earned cash, and they have a variety of tools at their disposal.

Be careful which emails you trust! If a suspicious email comes from outside your organization, and sometimes even from inside – take care to review the information and motives of the sender before clicking on any links.

Credentials are frequently sought after because they can be used in multiple places. Turn on two-factor authentication and use different passwords.