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September 2023

Your Guide to the US Cyber Trust Mark

We know that smart devices like your TV and refrigerator are more susceptible to cyberattacks than more advanced machines, like your work computer for example.

In response to this problem, the FCC is proposing a program that would label certain products as “strong enough” to meet the federal standards.

Application Whitelist Vs. Blacklist

Not all applications are useful—or even safe. Thankfully, your IT team knows how to guarantee only secure apps end up installed on your system.

Incognito? Maybe Not

While private browsers make your online activities less visible to others who use the same computer, they don’t make you completely invisible.

Now Chrome users are seeking $5B in damages, alleging that the company excessively tracked activity while users in Incognito mode.

Geofencing: What Is It, and How Does It Factor into Data Privacy and Cybersecurity?

Maybe you’ve heard of geolocation, which knows exactly where you are on the map.

Geofencing takes that concept even further. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to create a virtual boundary or perimeter around a physical location.

Geotagging: What Is It and What Are Its Security Risks?

Whether you’re checking in to someplace on Facebook, or browsing posts made from a specific location on TikTok, you’ve probably come across geotags before—maybe you’ve even used a few!

It may shock you to hear this: Geotagging can pose cybersecurity and privacy risks if not properly managed!

Irish Police Hit By “Industrial Scale” Data Breach

How did this happen? It turns out even law enforcement are not immune to cybersecurity risks and data leaks.

Select Business & Tech Articles

September 2023

The Link Between Home, Family and Company Security

Jonathan Reed, Security Intelligence

There is a new trend where family members are being targeted by cybercriminals, but they aren’t being asked for money. Instead, they are looking for network access, passwords, and downloadable files in an attempt to carry out a larger attack on the company where one of the family members works. Learn why your company security plans should also include a household security plan to keep your family and company safe.

How to Write an Acceptable Use Policy

Zac Amos, All Business

With the internet playing a crucial role in daily business activities, employees need to understand acceptable policies with workplace technology. A written acceptable use policy comes in play when employees violate the rules of business assets and technology use. Learn more about why an acceptable use policy is important.

Your Company (And Your Teams) Are Using AI Whether You Know It or Not; Here Are Four Steps to Lay a Foundation for Better Policies

Ben Brook, CPO Magazine

A top challenge most businesses face today is how to deal with safe AI deployments. Setting up the right AI regulations is crucial for companies to be able to move confidently in this space. Learn more about five ways that leaders can lay the groundwork for best-in-class AI governance.

Paper Beats Digital for Emotion

Roger Dooley, Neuromarketing

With the onset of digital marketing, is direct mail out of touch? According to a recent study, our brains process paper-based marketing differently than digital marketing. Learn more about the emotional processing that paper ads cause.

And … Select Video Picks from our Staff

AI Needs Human Control

Artificial intelligence can be weaponized and needs to be reined in by humans.

Can AI Reach Conscious

How will we know when AI reaches consciousness? What needs to be considered?

Complete AI Timeline

AI’s historical milestones have forever altered the lifestyles of consumers and businesses.

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